An Epitome of Perseverance & Patience for Women Across the Globe – Angelica Lazo, Inspiring the Masses with Her Life Story

Life is as beautiful as a rose, topped with the soft petals, and supported by a stem with thorns. It is a combination of joy and grief. It has its highs and its lows. While there are times when one will feel powerful, there are situations that make an individual feel helpless and powerless. Life will break one down and will then help them rise. And this is what makes life worth living.

The people need to understand that no one from among the world’s population is living a life that is free from adversities. The fact that nothing in this world is perfect holds a much deeper meaning than the people realize. It points towards the fact that no one in this world has a worry-free life. The celebrities and influential people across the globe were not always at their best. Each one of them had to start from somewhere and face multiple failures. The only difference is that they showed an exceptional form of courage, resilience, perseverance, and patience.

Many women are forced to believe that they are not ‘good enough,’ or they do not have the ‘expertise’ to lead. However, women need to overcome these barriers that the world creates, they need to break through the restrictions their mind imposes on them, just like Angelica Lazo.

Angelica Lazo is an epitome of perseverance and patience for the women across the globe. Not because she is a successful brand strategy & business coach, but due to the fact that she worked her way from ground zero. She was lost amidst the cruelties of this world, yet she was determined to make a beautiful for herself and her 18-year-old daughter.

From a Poverty, Bankruptcy, & Homelessness to a Fully-Functional & Profitable Business

Finding success in life is not easy, and it can take months and years to reach the right destination. The factors that help one along the journey are courage, perseverance, and patience. When there is courage, a person can take risks. When there’s perseverance, consistent efforts are ensured, and when there’s patience, a person remains steadfast throughout the tiresome journey.

She founded the Millennial Visionary Brand + Business Academy™, Angelica Lazo, the coach LLC, after hitting rock bottom in life. She was homeless and bankrupt and was taking care of her daughter, who had been in a major car accident. Before the accident, Angelica had found a stable job with a good salary in Los Angeles, California, after struggling for several years. She went bankrupt after the accident and had to spend life without a house with her daughter. Her life was not only financially unstable, but these chains of events broke her mentally.

Angelica and her daughter came across a couple who turned out to be angels in disguise. The couple provided a roof over their head. The husband, who was a life coach, helped Angelica get a high-salary job. She worked hard to gain a stable ground in her life and to provide a better lifestyle for her daughter.

While attending sessions with the life coach, she realized how she has been helping other women around her build a life for themselves. It encouraged her to ponder upon the possibility of a coaching business.  Angelica, who was passionate about the fashion industry, was highly impressed by the transformational process of the industry. The coaching process was similar to the transformational process of the fashion industry.

Angelica began working on her coaching business and acquired Life Coach, Brand Coach, Business Coach, Mindfulness Life Coach, Transformation Life Coach, and LAW attraction life coach certifications.

Setting Up Her Business from Scratch

After acquiring required certifications, she established, Angelica Lazo, the Coach LLC, and became an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited entrepreneur. Her more than 15 years of experience in corporate America and her Master’s Degree in Business Administration helped her grow her business.

Since her childhood, Angelica was determined to build a stable life for herself. She was born to parents who were both immigrants from Managua, Nicaragua. Life was difficult for her family, and they relocated to the United States when Angelica was just seven years old. Instead of making things better, it pushed Angelica into a sea of problems. She ended up in an abusive relationship and became a victim of domestic violence. She separated from the father of her daughter and decided to raise her on her own.

During this time, she completed her Bachelor’s in Fashion Design and Marketing, after which she pursued a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Angelica did all this while raising her daughter. She was determined to set an example for her daughter and wanted to stand up as a powerful single mother.

After graduating, she worked in the corporate sector in areas including management, IT, marketing, and retail. She spent 15 years in this sector and acquired the necessary skills, which helped her get a great job in Los Angeles, California.

She worked hard her entire life and then hit the lowest point of her life when her dearest daughter came so close to death. It took away all her strength, but she still managed to stand up and come out stronger. She was able to fulfill her dream of establishing her own business. Not only this, but she even found her soul mate.

Today, she is living a beautiful life with her daughter and the love of her life while helping other women find the firm ground in their life. She is serving as an inspiration for all the women who want to make a name for themselves and stand on their feet by establishing their signature brand. Angelica Lazo is the true example of a strong, powerful, and determined woman, who not only helped herself and her daughter but also serves as the guiding light for all those women who are suffering and struggling.