Growth of Digital Marketing in India

Analyzing the Growth of Digital Marketing in India

Growth of Digital Marketing in IndiaThe past two years have been difficult for humanity. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the dynamics of working of every industry are affected. The necessity of social distancing has provided a platform for the development of various technologies which could cater to the work from the regime. Eventually, people have realized that they can trust the working of the online platforms and can utilize it for their benefit. In my opinion, COVID-19 has fast-tracked the growth of digital marketing immensely. The firms providing graphic design, SEO, premium blog writing services, etc., have increased in large numbers. 

Factors related to the growth of digital marketing

Digital marketing is a concept that has been there in the marketing industry for some time now. But the growth of digital marketing grabbed a tremendous pace in the past two years. The fear of touching and contacting unknown articles such as visiting cards, pamphlets, etc., hindered the promotion of brands in public. Therefore, companies started shifting towards more feasible, attractive, and creative ways to promote their services and products. 

    1. Growth of Internet Users

The growth of digital marketing has witnessed a drastic rise in the past two years. If we dig deeperwe will come to know that the major contributor towards the growth of digital marketing is linked with the growth in the number of internet users. According to the latest statistic, the internet users in India has grown from 260 million in 2015 to 600 million in 2021. Moreover, this number is predicted to go up to 670 million by the year 2023. Furthermore, the average data consumed by a user in 2016 was 500MB to 1GB monthly 2016. But in the year 2020, the figure went up to 13.5GB 4G data per month.

The companies must have noticed this growth and planned their marketing strategies based on these trends. Thus, the growth of digital marketing was fueled by the growth of internet users.

   2. Increment in the number of Search of digital marketing courses

Studying digital marketing was always a fascinating prospect in the marketing industry. However, the population of people interested in studying digital marketing went up drastically. In May 2019, around 60,500 times, the phrase “Digital marketing course” was searched on google. However, in May 2020, this number witnessed an increment of 49.5% and went up to 90,500. This shows that people were highly interested in studying the fundamentals of digital marketing during the lockdown. Also, in 2019 the marketing industry in India was valued at around INR 68,000 crores, but this estimation went to INR 75,000 crores showing that continuously money was infused into the sector.

  3. The Cosmopolitan Factor

An important role in the growth of the digital marketing sector is being played by the different cosmopolitan cities of India such as New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Pune. These were the cities where the jobs in the digital marketing industry witnessed the highest growth. Therefore, if you plan to pursue a career as a specialist in digital marketing, then relocating to these cities can prove extremely beneficial for you.

Conclusion: – 

The growth of the digital marketing industry in the past two years is just the beginning. With newer technologies being introduced each day, this sector will only grow from here on.