Monday, September 26 , 2022

Anti Phishing Solutions that are Cloud Hosted

Phishing is one of the most dangerous problems that come from your email. With one phishing attack, it can even destroy the whole system of a company and make it go bankrupt. Since this attack was detected, there have been many methods created to fight and protect your network from phishing. And, then there is the best anti-phishing solution you can use. It is the cloud-hosted anti phishing.

What is Cloud-Hosted Anti-Phishing Solution?

Just like its name, this service protects against a phishing attack by operating its protection system from the cloud server. With today’s internet technology, cloud service like this can be done without a problem. The latest cloud technology can provide the best facility to give the best protection against phishing for the client that uses the service.

The Advantages of Cloud-Hosted Anti-Phishing Solution

The anti-phishing services that use cloud hosting have many benefits for its user. Here are some of them:

  • Affordable

Compared to other anti-phishing solution, the cloud-hosted anti-phishing solution is much affordable. The company that provides the solution doesn’t need to spend too much money to develop the hardware and such to provide the phishing protection service. They only need to have servers where their phishing protection system installed and protect the clients from the attack using the internet and server.

Moreover, you also can easily get your data or important files, when you move your business to another location. The in-house anti-phishing solution won’t give you this privilege. You will need to move your server hardware around when you move to another location. That cost more and you also waste more energy.

With the cloud-hosted service, as long as you have an internet connection and computer to access the cloud server in your new location, you can access your mails and data. Moreover, you don’t need to install or use new anti-phishing software or service to activate the protection against attacks. You can keep using your old cloud-hosted service in a new location.

  • Reduced Bandwidth

If you use the stand-alone or in-house anti-phishing solution, your phishing protection system will use a high level of bandwidth. By migrating your data to the server or cloud-hosted service, you can reduce the bandwidth. The bandwidth is similar to the burden for your system. With low bandwidth, your system can run much faster and smoother. So, if you, for example, run an online business, smooth access like this helps you to provide a good experience for your customers. And, this is also a good thing for your business.

  • Better Protection

The cloud server also provides better protection than the other system. With a cloud server, the threat can be detected much faster. Then, the countermeasure treatment can be applied to deal with the attack. Therefore, the damage can be minimized. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about damage because this system can fully protect your system.

The anti-phishing security that uses cloud hosting can provide full protection because of the usage of the cloud server. This system will reroute the email that was sent to your email address to their cloud server before the mails enter your inbox. When these new emails enter the cloud server, the filter will work its magic.

It detects the phishing attack, scam and many other threats that can come up from the email. Then, the system will remove those dangerous emails to protect your system. With this unique procedure, the attack won’t enter your network before it’s neutralized. So, your system will be freed from the phishing attack.

The Best Services

Speaking about the best services, you can find many of them on the internet. Choose one that you think fit your needs. But, if we have to recommend the best anti-phishing solution that uses cloud hosting, you can try:

  • PhishProtection – it has many great features,
  • Retruster – it has advanced AI technology that can learn and become stronger along with time,
  • Trend Micro Hosted Email Security – it doesn’t require maintenance which eases your job to run the system.

Those are what you need to know about the anti-phishing solution with cloud hosting. With their service, you don’t need to worry anymore about phishing scams and such. Use them and run your business with a peaceful mind.