Anticipating the damages ED can make in your life and health

Sexual disorders are often not taken seriously for the fact that they are not visible like scars or marks on the skin. But this does not mean that they are not destructive. To make you feel the extent of damage it can do, a sexual disorder like ED has been the reason for divorces, depression and even death. So, never underestimate any illness thinking it to be a minor one. It may be minor but care must be taken so that it does less damage.The lack of sexual education is the reason that such disorders take a mammoth shape. Erectile Dysfunction or ED is a condition where the penis is adamant to not become erect. 

And without an erect penis thinking of sexual intercourse is a joke. The thing with ED is that its after-effects are also equally dangerous. It even invades your personal life making it difficult for you to sustain. People rush to take Fildena, Cenforce, or Vidalista 20 Mg from Powpills  with the hope that ED will get cured. 

It definitely gets cured but for that night only again when you want to have intercourse you need them again. On the other hand,some people do not take the step of consuming pills. For them, ED is just a hoax and non-sensical disorder that has just the media attention. But with a little sex knowledge and consciousness, you can actually anticipate the destruction that ED can make. This will help to prevent some of the major hazardous side effects. 

The biology behind ED 

Sexual knowledge about ED is essential for tackling it. Normally what happens is that when a man is excited sexually, blood rushes in the blood vessels of the penis. This influx of blood is what makes the penis erect. As long as the blood is in the penis, the erection will sustain. But due to some problems such as smoking, too much consumption of alcoholic beverages, high cholesterol, highstress levels and mental illness the blood is stopped from entering the blood vessels of the penis.And as earlier discussed when there is a shortage of blood the erection is also affected. 

So, when people consume pills to get cured of ED, the pill’s main objective is to ensure normalcy by making the blood flow in the penis like earlier. Therefore, no matter which drug you eat Fildena, Cenforce 200, or Vidalista 20 Mg from Powpills, they all work in the same manner. When these drugs are taken in, an enzyme called cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate is released). The higher the levels of cGMP smoother is the erectile tissues. PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) is a chemical that makes the penis lose its erection by reducing the levels of cGMP. After ejaculation PDE5 gets activated and decomposes the cGMP to reduce its presence.

But these pills suppress the levels of PDE5 instead of giving a free hand to0 cGMP because now there is no one to stop it.This causes the penis to become erect even after ejaculation. Thus, giving more time for sexual activity to go on. 

What damages to ED cause?

Sexual performance

Logically is a sexual disorder the first effects of ED are visible in the poor sexual performance on bed.This creates conflicts between the couple, the male is often embarrassed while the female is frustrated because her sexual desire has not been satisfied. When such incidents occur frequently the sexual desire forces the wife to indulge in extramarital affairs.

Disturbed personal life

Personal life not only means romantic affairs with your partner. In men, there is a problem of ego that if a man is sexually incapable then he is less masculine. Instead of taking ED as a disease that can be cured by taking regular medication but instead, they become shameful of the disorder. This creates an inferiority complex in them which reduces their self-confidence and self-confidence. They become identified with nervous and hesitant beings. 

Mental illness

An ED patient has to suffer much more than just the disease. He has to tackle the daily tantrums from relatives, friends and even family. The person becomes tensed and worried which after a long time makes him depressed. Most of the patients with psychological disorders are also victims of Erectile Dysfunction. In many cases,the victims undergomental turmoil of suicidal thoughts even to the extent thatmany deaths have occurred. 


ED if given little care and proper consultation from the doctor it can be dealt with in a short time span. Use Fildena, Cenforce, or Vidalista 20 Mg from Powpills if you want to deal with ED for one night only. But if you want to get rid of ED permanently some sacrifices need to be made in your daily routine.