Wednesday, August 4 , 2021

    Applying to Universities for IB Students

    The IB Diploma Programme is regarded as one of the most desirable qualifications for university acceptance globally. In the US alone, students have a 20% higher chance of being accepted into Ivy League Universities if they hold an IB Diploma and an even higher chance to score a spot in non-Ivy League colleges. 

    And that’s just one country. 

    Read on to find out how choosing an international school in China that offers the IB Diploma Programme will provide the best options when applying to universities worldwide.

    What is the IB Programme?

    Founded in Geneva (Switzerland) in 1968, the IB (International Baccalaureate) focuses its teaching on creating global citizens, and it does so by fostering creativity and inspiring critical and independent learning. The IB framework is designed using global best practices and is arguably considered the best international curriculum in the world.

    The complete IB programme includes:

    The IB Diploma Programme – The Ideal Springboard to a Brighter Future

    The demanding 2-year IB Diploma incorporates an array of disciplines and offers a comprehensive curriculum. Students choose their subjects from six core groups: foreign language acquisition and studies of foreign literature, business management and economics, experimental sciences, mathematics and IT, a wide range of creative arts, and history and geography. 

    The program is highly demanding and includes community service projects and high-quality research completed outside of school hours. Successfully completing the IB Diploma is no mean feat and proves that students are dedicated not only to their studies but also to their community, something international universities realize and respect.

    In essence, the well-balanced IB Diploma creates global citizens in close-knit communities, encouraging students to be informed, connected, and endlessly inspired while they gain their world-class education. 

    How do universities around the world view the IB Diploma Programme?

    With its academically demanding program of studies and its innovative approach to personal growth, the IB is considered ideal preparation for university rigors. Of particular note is the requirement to complete a 4,000-word research paper, something quite unique to the IB Diploma Programme. For these reasons, the IB qualification gifts students a competitive edge when it comes to admission requirements, no matter where in the world they wish to attend university.

    Worldwide, the IB Diploma Programme is accepted in over 3,300 prestigious universities, spread out across 90 countries. IB makes a determined effort to liaise with government education bodies all over the world to communicate consideration of its education programs and reach agreements on the acceptance of its Diploma Programme for the country’s best universities. 

    Naturally, every country imposes its own requirements on IB students wishing to attend their universities – you can see the full list of countries and their specific requirements right here.

    In China, specifically, almost all universities demand Chinese students take their Gaokao (National College Entrance Exam) even if they’ve earned the IB Diploma, although international students are often exempt from taking the test, depending on their IB Diploma score.

    The Western International School of Shanghai –

    The Only School in Mainland China Offering All Four IB Programmes

    With a peak enrollment of 775 with 50+ nationalities, we have been inspiring young and minds since 2006 and are proud to be the only school in mainland China offering all four IB Programmes. 

    Our future-oriented and caring approach has ensured our students continue to thrive long after they leave us. Our caring and support continue as well through our university scholarships.

    WISS Scholarships for University

    Grade 12 students at WISS  are encouraged to apply for our University Scholarships, which go towards tuition fees and are paid directly to their institution of choice. We’re excited to offer scholarships at WISS and are among very few schools in Shanghai to go this extra mile.

    In our increasingly globalized and competitive world, the IB Diploma Programme can offer a winning advantage for university admission, no matter where in the world our students wish to make an impact.

    Is your child ready to take on the world?

    With IB on your corner, they certainly will.


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