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Are Online Slots Rigged?

 Online Slots

You probably already know the basic principles of slots. You wager a bet, spin the slots, and get your results from the icons that will be the outcome on the board. Depending on your results, you either win or lose. However, not all players see slots in the same way.

There are still people who believe that slots are rigged. For these people, online slots have a secret “cheat” hidden somewhere within the computer program that makes it possible to choose who to give a losing spoon, and who to give the winning spin. However, legitimate online casinos and bookmakers by Nostrabet are well-reviewed and are vouched not to have any form of shady systems such as rigging or cheating.

But in a general sense, are slots rigged? Before you can answer the question, it is first important to fully understand how slots work.

How do slots work?

You have to understand that slots, like all the games and attractions in an online casino is part of a business that is the casino itself. Like it or not, the main purpose of slots is to make money for the online casino. To do that, casino owners need to make the players come back more and play more. They also need to cash out on winnings, but everything is calculated to still have the casino make a profit at the end

In an online slot, this profit of the casino is part of what is called the RTP, or the “return to player,” or the same as the house edge. This is the rate the machine gives back to the players (not a single player but in an overall sense).

But how does an online slot give you your “spin” results? This is where RNG comes to play, making it possible for you to play slot games.

What is RNG?

RNG is short for Random Number Generator. This is used not only for online casino software but also for other video games as well, both for the console and the PC. Now that you know about RNG, it would be better if you understand it deeper. RNG, from its name, is an algorithm that makes sure that results the gamer software would show such as an online slot would never have a pattern or a hint that a good player can decode. Every result is random, and there is no basis for it.

RNG is the one responsible for making these online casino games maintain fairness despite computer programs prone to coding and hacking. With RNG, you can rest assured that all the results you will get for every game played are as natural as if it is being played in real life, perhaps even more secure and free of cheating.

So, are slots rigged?

The short and simple answer is that no, slots are not rigged. At least, the online slots that re from registered and licensed online casinos. This is because as a legitimate online casino, part of the process is that their software would be tested for fairness and security. Also, real online casinos get their games only from the top and most popular gambling games software developers.

How about those from online casinos that are not registered and regulated? No one can say for sure. Since no one had tested their software for security and fairness, there is no telling if their programs have been rigged or not. So, if you want to make sure that the online slots that you are playing on are not rigged and are not out to cheat you, always make sure to play only on real and legitimate online casinos.