Are you a Photofag?

Love photography? Want to know if you are a photo fag?

If you can recognize yourself in any of these photos, your diagnose is obvious. You are indeed a photo fag.

Ok…. so you haven’t done that but want to do anything like that – you are a photo fag

Wait there is more…

If you use similar photographic equipment to those guys you are about to see – again you are a photo fag.

But don’t worry! There are many of you guys, so when you see someone crawling on the ground with a camera in his mouth try to support him. Don’t worry – photojournalist is usually a friendly animal.











LITTLE ROCK, UNITED STATES: Press photographers surround Socks, the cat who belongs to the family of US President-elect Bill Clinton 17 November 1992 outside the governor’s mansion in Little Rock. (Photo credit should read MIKE NELSON/AFP/Getty Images)