Monday, September 26 , 2022

Are You Defined By Your Possessions – Drop the Illusions

Are You Defined By Your Possessions - Drop the IllusionsWhat we are is not what we have been conditioned to become. When looking in the mirror, what we look at is what we want to see at that moment. There are moments of pure happiness, when everything we look at is beautiful and pure. there are also moments of deep sadness, when everything we look at is ugly and corrupt. The world that we see before us is what we think it is at a given moment, depending on how we see ourselves in that given moment. Creatures that do not see themselves and have no concept of I, always see the world in the same way, through the same energetic vibration. As humans, we see ourselves, we judge ourselves and we have the concept of I. I am beautiful, I am intelligent, I am strong, I am kind, I am forgiving, I am…the world is what you are vibrating at. I have accepted that what I see is what I am feeling at a given moment. I accept that I am ever changing and that my perception of the world changes with my perception of my self…

Are You Defined By Your Possessions - Drop the IllusionsThere are many who want to be things that they are not. There are many who want to be better, stronger, more intelligent, more beautiful, and they want the same for the world around them. The thing is, you are not always wanting the same things. What you want changes regularly, the intervals may be different, and there may be no pattern, but your wants are constantly changing. Your wants define how you see the world. Your wants root from how you feel about yourself at a given moment. What you want is based on what you think you are.

I dare to say that this behavior is not natural, it is not human nature, it is learned behavior, conditioned by society at a very early stage of our molding, conditioned out of fear, out of an atmosphere of constant threat.The key for me has been to accept this, and the more I remember to accept this, the more I become who I really am, the more the veil of this illusory society diminishes…Allow me to elaborate…

Think about a newborn baby. What does the baby want? The baby needs to be nurtured since survival is agreed to be a natural instinct. Does the baby know what it needs to be nurtured? Probably through intuition and instinct, the baby knows it wants milk because the baby needs it to survive and more importantly to grow. The baby probably knows it wants warmth and some type of shelter since the baby needs this also to survive and to feel comfortable. I would like to believe that the baby needs love and affection in order to grow healthily and survive as well. Past these needs, the baby does not have any specific wants. Then we grow to children, and depending on our upbringing, our specific wants begin to develop. These wants are based on what our parents and our society around us deem as valuable, or want worthy. In many cases, especially in western societies, the wants are based on what the children see on television and in the mass media. Children develop wants based on advertisements aimed at them. What is aimed at them is not typically anything that will actually help them in any type of spiritual growth. Everything that is aimed at them is very often based on materialism and empty value. Toy cars, toy guns, barbie dolls, and more recently, electronic gadgets. As the children grow into their adolescents, they start to want what is popular. Brand name clothing, shoes, accessories…material possessions that make us believe that we are worthy of attention and belonging.

Are You Defined By Your Possessions - Drop the IllusionsSo, all this to say, I believe that our wants are not based on anything naturally inherent in all humans. We bring our childish wants into our adulthood, and it usually translates into material possessions that are useless in the greater scheme of our evolution. Wanting that new sports car, and then obtaining it will not provide you with more insight into who you really are. Who you are is not based on what you possess. Even when it comes to physical traits, and personality traits. You are not what you have been conditioned to believe you are. Your identity is not your name, or your traits. The greatest challenge is to drop all conditioning so that you can clearly see who/what you really are. You will start to see what has been conditioned into you, and what is actually you. You will start to discover your creative talents, which I believe ARE naturally inherent. Your wants will coincide more with your needs, based on purity and love, less based on material possession that bring no real depth. Your view of the world will start to change, and the world will become a part of you, the needs of the planet become more visible and more obvious to you. Your purpose becomes visible and your goals start to set into motion. All that you are is what you have always been, before all the conditioning, before all the forced programming. Purity is reached, and you are once again free. You will see the world from moment to moment, ever changing, always depending on your discoveries of yourself. One can agree that we are constantly changing, well then, can one agree that our perception of everything is constantly changing as well? Think about it…the world is not what it seems, at least not permanently…..

To take these thoughts of mine a step further, I challenge you to think about whether or not our early conditioning is necessary or if it is avoidable? Can we change this for our children? Do we want our children to go through the same process? I for one feel that this is avoidable, that the programming and conditioning brought to us through media, advertisements, Hollywood, etc are not necessary and are sometimes deadly to the spirit and soul. Society tends to create dead people walking around wanting things that are empty, to fill an emptiness!? Sounds counter productive wouldn’t you say??? Many people never get in touch with their creative abilities, their natural talents because they are completely sidetracked by all the false wants that are conditioned upon them…Of course there are many who are able to notice this, and then begin the purging process…but not all are so brave..everyone is where they are at a given moment depending on choice, free will…but has this society really given us much insight into our true potentials, do we actually use free will and choice purely? I feel that the early conditioning blocks many from purely using our gift of choice and free will…think about it…

With Peace and Blessings
By wokensoul blog