Arizona State University’s Strong Connection to Patents

Arizona State University is in the heart of Arizona and is a well-known school that offers several different majors. But did you know that ASU has a strong connection with patents?

In the last year, ASU has ranked in the top 10 in global patent rankings. Back in 2017, ASU was ranked 17th among universities in the global patent rankings and in just a little over one year, they have jumped into the top 10.

The annual report is based on data from the United States Patent and Trademark Office and highlights research and innovation roles in universities. It takes into account the number of utility patents that lists the university as the 1st assignee on the patent. 

This ranking really reflects ASU’s vibrant and innovative culture that is focused on positively impacting surrounding communities and society as a whole. 

ASU’s achievement shows the dedicated contributions from students, staff, and faculty – with no slowing down an insight, as they continue to empower the community. At a world-class rate, ASU’s research attracts companies and improves the state’s economy. 

A great accomplishment that really showcases the university’s range of innovations. ASU holds over 130 patents including patents for flexible batteries, which gives energy to remote areas. As well as a dog cancer diagnostics, which is a new way of diagnosing and preventing cancer in our canine friends. 

Located across five campuses in the Phoenix metropolitan area, Arizona State University has four regional centers across the state and is one of the largest public universities. 

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Obtaining a Patent

The first step to obtaining a patent is to make sure your idea isn’t already patented. This is done by a patent search. You need to hire a patent attorney to do an extensive search to make sure your invention doesn’t already exist. A thorough patent search should include searching previously published disclosures and patented inventions throughout the world. Even though a patent search is actually not required, it is obviously strongly encouraged.

Next, you will need to file an application. This needs to be done thoroughly and correctly. Your patent attorney will walk you through the application and ensure it is complete to be filed. 

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