Sunday, September 25 , 2022

Beginner’s Guide To Access The Darknet

The dark net is a hidden internet which exists underneath the ‘surface web’ and it is totally invisible from the normal web users. The dark web is full of illegal activities as there are various criminals operating their criminal activities. If you are a law-abiding citizen, then you should stay away from accessing the dark net without any second thought in your mind.

You would be surprised by knowing that there is no special skill required by you to access the dark net. It really does not need any technical skills; no invitation and it would take only a minute to get it started. In this article you would come to know about the Darknet and how it is easily accessible to all the users worldwide.

What is Dark Net?

There are several people who are confused about how to access the Darknet and what the darknet really is. It is somewhat confused with the Deep web, a term which refers to the parts of the internet which would not be indexed by the normal search engines and it cannot be found through Yahoo, Bing, Google and MSN. According to the experts, it has been proved that the deep web is hundred times bigger than the surface web. Most of the deep web contains libraries, large databases and member’s only websites which are not accessible to the general users in reality. It is collected of academic resources which are maintained by the all universities.

The dark net or dark web is a small part of the deep web. It is not possible to access its contents through the normal search engines and it is anonymous internet. In the dark net, both website publishers and web surfers are completely anonymous.

Anonymity and Onion Networks

It can be possible to achieve Darknet anonymity with the help of the onion network. Normally, at the time of accessing the internet your computer access the server hosting the website which you accessing. This direct link is completely broken in an onion network and the data would be bounce around a different number of intermediaries before getting to its goal. Tor makes an effective and reliable onion router which is very comfortable to access to the operating systems and users friendly for anonymous communication.

Users of the Dark Net

You should understand that the darknet was developed originally by the US Navy to be specific. Law enforcement organizations, government and military are the main users of the dark net. It is mainly because normal internet browser can show your location and even if your communication content is well encrypted. Users can still see you are talking with whom and what type of contents you are seeing online. For agents and soldiers in the field, famous politicians having secret talks and in many other conditions, it shows an untrustworthy security risk.

The darknet is very much famous among the political bloggers and journalists, especially if you are living in a country where political imprisonments and censorship are commonplace. With the help of the online anonymity, these people like information leakers and whistleblowers can easily communicate with the different sources and distribute vital information without fear of being caught and retribution. This anonymity can be used by the news readers to get the information on the surface web which is blocked by the national firewalls. Various terrorist activities are also being operated on the Dark net due to its anonymity feature.

Accessing the Darknet

The process of accessing the darknet is very easy and it can be used by a service called Tor. You need just two clicks from the Tor website and you are ready to access the darknet easily. The Tor browser is useful in surfacing the surface web anonymously and gives the protection against everything from government to hackers. You can watch any website anonymously which is not possible in the normal search engines. It is one of the popular and biggest sections of the Darknet.


The dark net should not be illegal as it is an important part of internet which would be surf by vital tools likes freenet and Tor. But there would be some limits. With the help of darknet, you should not hack anything, must not purchase any illegal drug as Government would track and you must be stay away from the child porn sites. You should stay away from all the illegal activities as it would be better for you. The chances would be higher of getting caught if you are selling drugs and other illegal supplements.

At last, it is your choice to access the darknet or not. But, if you are using it, then make sure you are going through all the safety measures. It would be helpful for you to stay safe and protected.