Personal injuries occur almost every time in White Plains, Westchester County. From dog bites to motorcycle accidents, there is no shortage of them daily.

As per statistics, at least 60% of people in White Plains experience various personal injuries at some point in their day. The scary fact is some people even have a double dose of tragedy.

At the worrying rate at which personal injuries occur, the best way to be sure that the negligent party will compensate you is by hiring a White Plains Personal Injury Lawyer.

Is Hiring a White Plains Personal Injury Lawyer Really Necessary?

Yes it is, though legally, you are not obligated to do so. You can represent yourself in court and file all the required paperwork.

The only problem is your chances of emerging victorious and receiving the compensation that is due to you are lower if you handle it alone unless you are a professional personal injury lawyer.

Depending on the gravity of your injury, you may need to provide detailed evidence in court to strengthen your case, bring in expert witnesses, and sort through documents offered by the defendant. You are required to file motions, follow complicated rules of evidence and procedure to submit your case, make objections, and many others.

As if that’s not enough, you are also expected to know how to leverage your case during negotiations in order to achieve a settlement you are content with outside of court.

The insurance company may have the upper hand since they deal with similar issues regularly. Unfortunately, you do not, which makes you a potential candidate for receiving very little compensation.

Advantages of Employing a White Plains Personal Injury Lawyer

When a White Plains Personal Injury Lawyer steps in and takes control, they level the playing field, enabling you to receive what rightfully and lawfully belong to you.

The ideal price range for a satisfactory settlement is between $5,000 to $75,000, depending on your case and the personal injury attorney you hire. Of course, the costs can be higher for high-profile cases.

Aside from that, there are plenty of other benefits of enrolling them. They include:

  1. They Interview Witnesses who Saw the Incident

A White Plains Personal Injury Lawyer has the skills to interview witnesses. They know the right questions to ask and have the naturally likable personality that causes people to relax around them.

Additionally, they can use the information they gather from the discussions to create a solid case for you.

      2. They Offer Better Alternatives

Out of instinct, your first reaction to someone who injured you out of negligence is to take them to court.

Most times, this is not necessary as the matter can be settled out of court. In such cases, the White Plains Personal Injury Lawyer is the voice of reason. They use techniques, such as mediation and negotiation, to ensure that the settlement is fair and amicable.

In case the negotiations fail, you can take the case to court. Your White Plains Personal Injury Lawyer will gladly represent you in a trial.

   3. They Know their Legal Stuff

A White Plains Personal Injury Lawyer has the language of the legal system at their fingertips. They spend four years of their lives doing undergraduate work and, usually, three years of law school prior to passing the bar examinations provided by the state of New York.

With this type of special training, they can handle any personal injury case, no matter how complex it may be.

    4. They File Paperwork Such as Insurance Claims and Court Documents

Filing paperwork is a daunting task. When it comes to legal matters, filing paperwork is crucial, as it allows you to gain quick access to whichever document you seek.

A White Plains Personal Injury Lawyer can also use their skill to go through paperwork, note any errors, and correct them before presenting your case in court. They also know the right terminology to use, so your claim appears professional before a judge in court.