Benefits of Launching a Tech Startup in Thailand

There are many benefits of launching a tech startup in Thailand. The government sees the development of the tech industry as one of the pillars of Thailand’s future economy. Established tech businesses in Thailand also consider the number of startups to be a healthy indication of the level of tech education in the country.

They offer incubators, accelerator programs, and mentorships to tech startups in Thailand that serve to nurture both the development of the startup and the tech community as a whole.

For these reasons, Thailand, and the capital city of Bangkok, in particular, is an excellent location for entrepreneurs to launch their tech startups.

Bangkok – Tech Hub of Thailand

As the tech industry continues to grow, the industry has based itself in Bangkok. The city is home to educational institutions and universities that provide educational programmes in the disciplines that are vital to the tech industry.

As the students graduate, they become an important resource within the tech community. The students bring with them new ideas and abilities that feed the tech industry. As a result of the concentration of established tech companies and new graduates, the tech community in Bangkok is flourishing.

Government Support

Entrepreneurs who set up their tech startups in Thailand will also enjoy the support of the government. Both the Board of Investment (BOI), and the National Innovation Agency are government organisations that have been set up specifically to help the tech industry and new startups within it grow and develop as easily as possible.

They offer a tax incentive to new tech startups in Thailand. They have also eased the rules on hiring skilled and knowledgable foreigners by streamlining the work permit and residency visa process.

Working hand in hand with established tech companies and the tech community, they also can help new tech startups get off the ground by easing the investment rules in Thailand as well.

Tech Community of Bangkok

With so many resources being provided by the Bangkok location, the large tech companies, and the government, it’s inevitable that Bangkok would establish a vibrant and skilled tech community.

The amount of education and knowledge available to entrepreneurs is something that ensures tech startups of every possible chance of success. By surrounding yourself in a community of like-minded individuals and other startups that are willing to share their experience and knowledge, your startup will enjoy an added boost towards succeeding in all the separate fields that comprise the worldwide tech industry.

In building the country’s future economy, there are plenty of opportunities for the fledgeling tech startup in Thailand. Taking advantage of all the important facets is a matter of learning about the tech community of Bangkok and spending time doing some serious networking.

All the tools of success are available to savvy entrepreneurs who know what they need to make their dreams a reality, and their ideas into valuable products and services for the future.