Benefits of protein supplements for your body

Many of you have asked us about protein powder. Protein-based supplements in powders, in particular, used to make hyper-protein shakers are more and more used and make a lot of talks, especially among athletes.

So we decided to offer this article as a guide to learn all about protein powder. What are protein supplements? What are the benefits? When should you consume these proteins? How and why to consume it? Who can consume protein powder? Are there any side effects from consuming protein shakes? Here are so many questions that we answer in this article. If you are ordering your supplements online Australia, use this guide to learn all the benefits.

Without further ado, discover all the answers to your questions!

What is protein powder?

Stop misconceptions about protein powder! It is not a doping substance at all. For bodybuilders or more generally bodybuilding enthusiasts, it is not a miracle product either, but rather a supplement to their diet necessary to achieve their goals.

Proteins: an essential nutrient

Indeed, protein powder is just one form of protein found in most natural foods such as meats, eggs, dairy products, vegetables, fish or other animal sources but also a vegetable.

In other words, your diet is, therefore, the first source of protein. Proteins can play various roles in your body: They help build muscle, facilitate weight loss when they make up a large part of meals, and help you recover better. Most of the time, proteins are used to promote muscle gain.

Protein powder: a good dietary supplement

It should be noted that a conventional diet may be sufficient to provide sufficient protein. However, for people who practice intense physical activity such as weightlifting, gaining muscle mass or much more simply preserving it requires additional protein. It is at this time that the interest of consuming protein powder appears.

The majority of protein powders (whey) come from whey. The extract of the latter (without water, fat or sugar) is a complete protein. It is very rich in essential amino acids but low in fat and lactose.

Easy to digest by the body, protein powder is taken as a food supplement. Much appreciated for their anti-catabolic effects, this form of the protein has the primary function of preserving muscle mass. But it cannot perform this role without a well-balanced diet.

What are the benefits of protein supplements?

You are probably asking yourself the following question: “Why should I take protein powder if it is already found in the daily diet?” “. Here are some answers.

Consume protein powder to vary its sources

A packet of turkey ham is equivalent to a protein shaker. Here we are talking about the amount of protein. You must admit that it is the same for your organization. In other words, what matters to your body is not the source of protein, but the dose that must be sufficient during the day. Consuming protein powder allows you to vary your different sources. What is more, it is possible to consume protein powder based on milk, egg or vegetable origin, with various tastes.

Take protein powder for convenience

According to scientific research, a “normal” person should take around one to two grams of protein per kilo of their weight.

  • For a Bodybuilder, it should take between 2 and 3 g / kg of its body weight.
  • For a person who practices weightlifting, he must take 2g / kg of his body weight;
  • For a very active person (an athlete), he must take 1.5 g / kg to 2g of his body weight depending on the sport practiced;
  • For an adult person, they should take 0.8 g / kg of their body weight;

Here is an illustration to help you better understand why you should take protein powder: 100 g of turkey breast contains 22 g of protein, while 100 g of shaker contains 70 to 90 g of protein.

You will understand, although both the protein shaker and the turkey are sources of protein, as an athlete, it is quite tempting to eat protein shakes as a snack. It is not always easy to eat turkey breast or fried eggs at your workplace, or at 4 p.m. to taste it. And precisely, this is another reason why it is recommended to consume protein powder: Because it is very practical and it is possible to consume it everywhere.

Consume protein powder because it is cheaper

it is enough to compare to understand that protein powder is much cheaper than the solid food.

Especially since for an athlete or for a person who performs intensely physical activity, protein intake must be done at a regular frequency to avoid lack or even protein deficiency.

It is an interesting supplement for vegetarians

If you are vegetarian or vegan, you are depriving yourself of many sources of animal proteins such as meat, fish, dairy products… However, it is often difficult or monotonous to vary the diet. This is the advantage of the shaker because it can be used as a supplement to make up for the lack of protein in your body. There is protein powder based on chickpeas, peas, hemp or even soy.

However, it seems important to us to emphasize that protein powder will never replace food, because the latter provides you with other essential nutrients such as vitamins or fibers, in addition to proteins. A word of advice: If you still have the possibility, opt for solid food!

When should protein powder be taken?

When is the best time to take protein? It is advisable to take the protein powder at several times of the day. For example, right after intensive physical efforts. So, you can consume them after each weight training session. Remember: proteins have the role of allowing better muscle recovery.

For more efficiency, we recommend that you take your shake during the first hour after your workout. Why? Quite simply because, according to the scientific explanation, during intense physical efforts, the body stops assimilating proteins. While after training, during your rest, he begins to look for proteins to assimilate. This is called “the protein window” or even “the anabolic window”. And precisely, this is the opportunity to offer your body what it needs.

Note: taking protein powder is not necessary after a cardio session. Indeed, cardio does not require muscle reconstruction but rather a carbohydrate recharge. This is not the case for a weight training session.


Remember that taking a large amount of protein powder will not increase the size of your muscles without proper training. By choosing any of the best protein supplements and consuming it at the right times, you are putting the odds on your side to obtain good results, by improving your muscle gain and recovery.