Nowadays, people from small-town move to big cities for job or educational purpose. It is not possible for them to buy a house there to live in. So they prefer to stay in hostels or as paying guests. Mostly many big educational universities provide their own hostel facilities within the campus. But still, sometimes students prefer to go to pg’s. Though these hostels are less expensive in comparison to the pg’s, but more convenient and reliable are pg’s. Pg in Delhi are very famous among all the pg’s of all the big cities.

Following are the benefits of staying in pg:

    • Social Security: It is better to live in Pg as you get social security. You also get a chance to live with your other roommates like a family. Even if there is any emergency, you are in safe hands, as you will be handled by the pg tenant. You don’t need to get involved in any house hold work, so you get more time for yourself. In that you can involve yourself in studies or any extra work from office. Pgs are more safe than hostels and even with relaxed restrictions. Sometimes the hostels put more restrictions on girls, where as there is no restriction in the boy’s hostel.
    • Ready-made facilities: PG provides ready-made facilities as it provides basic facilities like cable tv, refrigerator, geysers, air coolers or air conditioners, water filter, bed and cupboards. So this means a person don’t have to spend any money on any of the basic facility. As the internet facility is also very essential for everyone today, so some of the PGs provide free Wi-Fi facilities in their accommodations. These facilities and new technologies are not provided in the hostels. Even furniture provided is also in good condition in pg rather than hostels.


  • Food: Most of the PG’s provide breakfast and dinner facility which was included in the cost of rent. Even the food facility provided in pg’s are very good. PG tenants also provide a small kitchen in the accommodation, so that if any person wants to cook something, he/she can do that. Utensils are also provided by the tenant. You can even ask for lunch but you have to pay little more for that. You can choose the pg facility, either you can choose pg without food or pg with food. Choice is all of the person. Hostels sometimes don’t provide good quality food. Even you can go for tiffin services as the best tiffin services in Noida are easily available.


  • Maintenance: It is the responsibility of the tenant to maintain the pg rooms. As it is difficult for the young working or studying generation to maintain all these household stuff. All the basic requirements like cleaning the house or maintaining electric items like air coolers or air conditioners. These things are not provided in hostels, as the maintenance is very low, and their service regarding cleaning is not that good as that of pgs.

Best pg in Delhi, Gurugram, Chandigarh are available near the universities or where offices are located. In comparison to hostel, pgs are better as they provide more facilities and are also well maintained.