Thursday, October 6 , 2022

Best AR Games Edition In 2019

Pokemon GO is not the only popular augmented reality game that can be played on Apple devices. You’ll find the best augmented reality games you’ll feel while playing on your iPhone and iPad in this blog post.
Augmented reality (Augmented Reality with the short name or AR), Apple’s voiced in recent events, one of the issues that drew attention. Augmented reality, a technology that can benefit all of us in everyday life, not just on the entertainment side, has become even more important with the release of the new iOS version of iOS 11. Many developers have added augmented reality mode to their games, some with productions focusing only on augmented reality, and some famous names have introduced their augmented reality-based applications. In this blog post, we will talk about the fun part of augmented reality, games.
Although there is still playable Pokemon rare in our country, the popularity of mobile games GO falls, increased by one as you know reality game, but with much more fun to play on the iOS platform AR Oyunlar available. We are sure; the number of AR-supported games will increase day by day. Without further ado, I am switching to quality, fun augmented reality (AR, Augmented Reality) games that can be played on both iPhone and iPad.

The Machines:

The Machines ranks first in our list of augmented reality supported iPhone and iPad games. The reason we place it at the top of the list is; A game that takes the stage at Apple’s event. Introduced as the first augmented reality game that offers the option of multiplayer, Robots are fighting against each other. Talent, strategic thinking, skills are prominent in the game visuals are impressive.

Zombie Gunship Revenant AR:

You take control of a combat helicopter equipped with all kinds of weapons (missile, sniper pod, gatling weapon, etc.) in the zombie game that attracts you with thermal camera graphics. You’re turning areas full of zombies into a bloodbath. Although the end of the zombies does not make the game boring after a certain point, the best you can play with augmented reality for the moment; rather the only zombie game. In the meantime, the game is free downloadable, compatible with both iPhone and iPad let me tell you.

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade:

Awarded the best game of 2015, Warhammer 40,000 Freeblade is a mix of science fiction and fantastic elements. With the release of iOS 11, the game gains augmented reality support, and you crush everything alive and inanimate in front of you with your own battle robot. Nearly 200 missions await you. If you like the war oyunları where robots are brought to the forefront, take a look at this structure, which can be played in Turkish and is free

Splitter Critters:

Splitter Critters, which won a design award from Apple this year, is one of the games that added augmented reality mode with the release of iOS 11. You are trying to put the little characters on the spaceship in the production which has a unique gameplay. You try all sorts of ways not to confront the enemies around the spaceships. I recommend you to play the game with your headset, which adds new episodes with updates.

AR Dragon:

If you like virtual pet care games, you won’t be able to take your eyes off this cute dragon game. In the augmented reality game that can be played on both iPhone and iPad, prepared for simplicity for all ages, you spend time with an animal that is unlike any other dragon in the world. You play games with him, you feed him. As your time passes, your dragon gets older, leveling up. The developer says further updates will add to the game, as well as training for young and adult dragons. Imagine a cute dragon looking at you on your lawn in your garden or on your home table li Enjoyable gameplay!

Kings of Pool:

Playing 8 ball American billiards with augmented reality support on mobile is a pleasure. Augmented reality mode update has been added to the billiard game, which can be played on both iPhone and iPad. The best 8 ball pool you can play on the iOS platform right now. The only option in the free category if you are looking for a pool game that offers realistic gameplay that you can chat with while playing with your friend.

Stack AR:

If you follow Ketchapp in simple yet addictive games, you know Stack, a skill game based on stacking blocks. In a game where you try to create a tower as high as possible by stacking colored blocks that come from the corners of the screen at a certain speed, your touches should be just in time. If you scroll, the blocks become smaller, it becomes difficult to arrange.

My Country:

My Country is the first city building game designed for augmented reality. A wonderful simulation game where you travel around the world and find interesting places, where you build your dream city. Everything is under your control, allowing you to place the dream city right in the middle of your desk. If you like city building and managing games, don’t skip this production, which offers a whole new experience thanks to augmented reality. It is playable on both iPhone and iPad and is free.
Please note that in order to play these games, you must have an iPhone and iPad device running on ARKit compatible iOS 11. With the iPhone SE and newer, the iPad 9.7-inch and iPad Pro models offer augmented reality support.