Best Commercial Real Estate Marketing Tips For 2022

Best Commercial Real Estate Marketing Tips For 2022

Best Commercial Real Estate Marketing Tips For 2022

A soundly executed commercial real estate marketing plan positions the exposure of your properties to a maximum number of prospects. With 2020 proving as a pivotal turning point, a functioning website and a Facebook page is no longer enough. The need to step up with the world and adapt to changing trends is here.

Before we segway to our 2022 plans, let’s reflect on the trends that have dominated the previous years. With an ongoing pandemic, brand-new marketing hotspots have emerged in the commercial real estate business. Among them is the increasing embrace of virtual tours, professional videography, and video marketing

The trends of the past decade are expected to be followed in the coming years as well. This means videos and virtual reality will have an edge over in-person tours and offline scouting. 

With the right tips and an effective content strategy, you can take your commercial real estate business to unseen heights. Take a look at the best commercial real estate marketing tips. 

The Best Commercial Real Estate Marketing Tips for 2022

  • Cultivate a personal brand

Cementing your foot in this persistently volatile industry can take years. The only way to stand out from the crowd is to develop a unique selling point and reflect it in your personal brand. To become a household name, you really need to shed that hawkish and shady image of real estate developers. A sound personal brand that sustains relationships with clients can help you with that. 

To build a personal brand, you must figure out the core objective of your business. Is expansion on your company’s radar, or is the primary goal weeding out properties?

  • Get the camera rolling

Videos are accessible, entertaining, educational, and engaging. As the Internet becomes the default starting point of every real estate acquisition, video content takes the lead as a high-value resource to buyers. Property overview, testimonials, utility points are all conveyed best with motion shots. Step in your 2022 real estate marketing plans with professionally shot and edited videos. 

Real estate video marketing delivers higher engagement, verified leads, and longevity. Embedding high-quality videos on listing platforms is a proven way to increase your online traffic. 

  • Drone it out

The enthralling experience of overhead drone shots cannot be overrated.  HD drone videography and photography bring in the “wow” factor in your real estate marketing campaign. Over the course of a decade, drone shots have become affordable and accessible to the masses — making them the hottest trend in all video marketing campaigns. Drones give your clients a clear idea of the vicinity of the properties they are interested in. 

A perfectly produced drone video can help you close the deal. Investing in a drone can help your business as well. Drones provide you with a bird’s-eye view of your property. You can track the construction, monitor everyday progress, and keep records of raw materials and resources without stepping foot on the land.

  • Sell the sunset

Pun intended! Your marketing campaigns must be designed to emulate the experience of living in your properties. And your copy should highlight the perks and pleasures of the community. Don’t just pitch the walls and the marble floor, pitch the smell of fresh rain on the front porch, or the warmth of winter sun on the patio. Structure your content in a way that shows the day-to-day life experience of living in your property. Professional videography and superior editing with tools and online video editing software can get the job done for you. 

  • Target your campaigns

Understanding your target audience and reframing your campaign to match their metal will be instrumental in the coming decade. A one-size-fits-all approach for high-ticket investments is no longer cutting it. You can set a better marketing plan by evaluating your competition, studying marketing trends, and spending time with your customers. Revisit your past campaigns and search for blind spots and pain points. Use programmatic advertising to run efficient campaigns and maximize your returns. 

  • Focus on the story

Every piece of commercial real estate has a historical timeline and human story that connects with people. Oftentimes we see the stories get lost in the trade. But the sense of relativity is a strong purchasing factor that must be put to use. Understanding and interpreting the stories behind each property is a solid way of building a pitch, and including a strong backstory in your pitch is a great way to establish a connection with your potential buyers. 

  • Build a newsletter 

Your email list is a valuable asset, which should be put to use in all marketing campaigns. Emails have a higher response rate than any other social media platform. It also delivers updates on exciting properties and new deals to your existing and potential clients with a CTA prompt. Newsletters have become a leading source of information in the past decade — it’s time for you to jump on the wagon as well.

  • Go 3D 

Virtual walkthroughs and 3D tours are attractive and hard to pass on. Letting potential customers enjoy the in-person experience of walking through property can increase the chance of conversion and build a relationship of reciprocation. If the year of Zoom calls and virtual meet-ups has taught us anything, it’s that we are already in the metaverse, and everything can happen online. 

Embracing 3D isn’t enough. It should take center stage in your marketing campaign and become a selling point. Interactive videos have a higher click-through and share rate. And they can be repurposed for all platforms. 

  • What is lead generation?

 Lead generation, or lead gen, is the process of identifying and nurturing potential customers for your business. It involves acquiring the name and contact information of someone who is interested in your product or service and preparing them to talk to a salesperson. Effective lead gen means creating interest at different stages of the customer journey.

Bonus tip: Think in years, plan in weeks, execute in days

Although the land below your property doesn’t move, its amenities and surroundings are subject to constant change. Your real estate marketing campaigns should have the desired longevity with constant updates and the option of personalization. It should be made with a futuristic vision while keeping in line with the current trends.


Over the decades, the marketing strategies indeed have shape-shifted, but the essence remains the same. Capturing the interest of a potential customer and building a relationship of trust that leads to conversion remains at the core of any marketing campaign. You must emulate this when marketing real estate in 2022.