Best Course in Tableau for Students

Data visualization, the process of reducing raw data to simple, colorful graphs, tables, or plots to explore the key trends in data, is a very important and significant part of data science. All data-related jobs namely data engineer, data scientist, data analyst, or data expert need to work on visualization in some way or the other. 

Even when you have done a great job of data cleaning, processing, and analysis, if data visualization is mediocre, all your effort could go in vain. On the other hand, even the simplest data analysis using limited data with good visualization can do wonders and give you appreciation. No matter which role you are in, be it a data scientist, data engineer, data analyst, or machine learning engineer, data visualization is the last and most important aspect of data analysis.

In simple words, Data visualization is presenting facts in the form of graphs, charts, or tables to communicate your findings. Data visualization makes it easier for the team to look at the behavior, trend, or outlier in the data in a matter of time. 

How to make data visualization more effective? The answer to this question is simple – by developing data visualization skills through training courses on data visualization tools. There are various tools available that can help you present your findings in the best possible way. Tools like Tableau, Power BI, FusionChart, D3, Infogram, ChartBlocks, Google Charts have developed good features for impressive reporting. Each tool has its pros and cons, a good comparison on which tool should be used needs a comprehensive study and knowledge in data visualization. However, the present article particularly focuses on Tableau and what options do you have if you are seeking Tableau training

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a visualization tool used by data specialists to clean, process, and more importantly, visualize the data in the most effective way. It is a very reliable and robust tool. It can be used to make attractive graphs, charts, dashboards, or tables to highlight your findings. With attractive reporting, teams can make good interpretations from data in a fraction of time. It helps to unleash the creative potential of data specialists for quality reporting and presentation. It has various features to help data specialists in all aspects of data analysis.

Data specialists need to explore all the features of Tableau before being able to use it efficiently. You may start on your own to learn Tableau by taking more time and due to limited resources, you may not achieve the expert level. Another way around is to take help from some experts to learn the key concepts. The best way is to go through online courses in Tableau. Discussed below are some of the best Tableau courses designed for students. 

Tableau Online Courses for Beginners

  1. Tableau Certification Training Course – Simplilearn

Simplilearn in partnership with Tableau offers this course which is 56 hours in duration in total. This course is designed for anyone willing to gain greater insights into data analytics, suitable for professionals working in capacities of business analysts, data scientists, or analysts. Tester and  IT developer. Designed by industry experts to let you learn at your own pace and schedule. You will learn concepts such as data aggregation, tons of charts, various data types, filtering data, data processing, creating dashboards, and modifying data connections. In other words, this course would enhance your core skills in Tableau and visualization to the next level. In addition to classroom content, the course will help you develop skills with the help of four industry level projects namely sales performance analysis, customer analysis, product analysis, and sales dashboard.


   2. Data Visualisation with Tableau Specialisation – Coursera

Course data visualization with Tableau is offered by Coursera in alliance with UC DAVIS University of California. The specialization comprises five courses in series to update your visualization skills. Courses names are listed below 

  • Course 1 – Fundamentals of Visualization with Tableau 
  • Course 2 – The essential design principle for Tableau
  • Course 3 – Virtual Analysis with Tableau
  • Course 4 – Creating dashboards and storytelling with Tableau
  • Course 5 – Data Visualization with Tableau Project

Depending on your interest you may opt for a single, multiple, or complete specialization course. Once completed you would be awarded certification. However, to achieve the certification you need to complete the project successfully. 

Upon course completion, you would be capable of data processing and creating quality reports either dynamic or static for quick resolution of problems. Further, you may find hidden insight such as outliers or trends in raw data if any. The course has a Capstone Project as an example to implement your learning achieved during your training courses to give you exposure to industry level experience. 

    3. Data Visualization for All, EdX

Training content includes real-world examples worked out by Trinity College students working with community organizations. The course comprises a series of videos explaining visualization in steps. Small business owners, Academics, local governments, or anyone working to improve or learn visualization techniques would be an ideal candidate for this course. This course does not require any prerequisite and is designed to learn the basics of visualization. It gradually builds up from easy to learn tools to advance levels of editing open-source GitHub templates. You will understand the core concepts of developing interactive charts and customized maps. 

    4. Data Visualization in Tableau, Udacity

The course is offered by Udacity in collaboration with Tableau. This course should be sought by any data specialist working in the capacity of a data analyst, data scientist, or business analyst. You will learn key fundamentals such as design principles, various graphs, charts, storytelling, and many more. It will help you gain fundamental concepts and practices of data visualization using Tableau.


Visualization is a very important aspect of any data analysis project. Without good visualization skills, one would struggle to present his findings to all stakeholders. Regardless of the field, you are working on, a basic understanding of visualization principles and practices is quite valuable. Tableau is one of the most widely used tools for data visualization across organizations. 

Online courses will certainly help you learn the basic concepts and hands-on experience in some industrial projects on data visualization with Tableau. You may enroll in any of the courses mentioned above to upskill yourself in data visualization with Tableau and start with impressive reporting to stakeholders.

What are you waiting for? Get enrolled and start learning!