Best Curtain Tracks for Your Hotel Blackout Curtains

The way you decorate and furnish your rooms, if you own a hotel or some other kind of similar accommodation, can have an impact on how much your guests enjoy their stay. If your guests enjoy their stay, they are likely to recommend you to other people and return again for another visit. 

One important element of any hotel room is undoubtedly the curtains. These help to ensure your guests have the privacy they need during the day and can control the amount of natural light they have coming into the room. 

When it comes to buying blackout curtains for your hotel rooms, there are several different ways you can hang them on the windows. You can either have them on traditional curtain poles or curtain tracks. While there are benefits to most, we want to focus in this post on curtain tracks and things you need to consider when investing in curtain tracks. 

Before we go any further, though, we will highlight some of the benefits of choosing curtain tracks in the first place.

Why Choose Curtain Tracks?

Curtain tracks are available in metallic and plastic varieties and can be bought in various styles. They feature gliders that the curtains hook onto and the gliders, as the name suggests, are what runs along the track to open and close them. People often choose curtain tracks over curtain poles because they are less obvious and don’t stand out as much. 

Now, let’s look at the things you should be looking for when choosing curtain tracks.

Tips for Choosing Curtain Tracks

Consider your budget. Often curtain tracks will be more expensive than curtain poles, but they are likely to last longer, especially if they are metal curtain tracks like those you can get from

The type and length of curtains can play a part. If you are planning on hanging curtains that are shorter in length and unlined, you may be able to use them with a more lightweight curtain track. However, if you are investing in quite a heavy-duty, thick, and long blackout curtain to give your guests the maximum amount of privacy possible, then a more heavyweight curtain track will be required. 

The type of curtain head plays a part too. You also need to consider the type of heading the curtains you are interested in buying to have. For instance, pinch pleat curtain headings are best suited to being paired with curtain poles. Whereas pencil pleat headings will work well with both poles and tracks. 

For Bay Windows

You may be thinking, if you have bay windows in any of your hotel rooms, that because of the different shape, they may require a more unique blackout curtain fixture. However, curtain tracks are ideal. Ideally, though, you will want a flexible style metal track. 

All About Length

Another consideration you need to make when buying a curtain track is the length you need to buy. This will obviously depend on the amount of space you have at either side of your windows. The first thing you need to do is measure the width of the recess and then add onto that about 15 to 20cm on both sides. 

An important consideration to make is if you have lots of room at either side of your hotel room windows, and you want to invest in curtains that are bulky or heavy, it may be a good idea to add a little extra on top of the above measurements. This will mean that the curtains can be drawn away from the windows when you open them to allow as much natural light into the rooms as possible.