Monday, September 26 , 2022

Best Gaming Apps To Play On The Go

Nowadays you can enjoy video games literally from anywhere – while killing time at home, waiting for a doctor or having coffee in a park. Mobile games are available not only on personal computers but also on tablets and smartphones. Players value their time and want to combine business with pleasure.

If the video game is good enough, you may forget about the time and spend hours playing. In case you’re looking for the games that can be played on the go, read further. We have made a list of the best gaming applications for iOS and Android. 

Pokémon Go

This game doesn’t require introduction: Niantic project has shown Augmented Reality to the world and changed the gaming market forever. This is an adventure mobile game, which interlinks fictional creatures with real surroundings: you can chase Pokémon Go characters in real-time and live location.

Since the game was first introduced in 2016, it has gained multiple awards and millions of fans all over the world.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Remember the popular Need for Speed, when you could choose a car and drive for hours? This gaming app allows doing the same while you are on the go. It includes not only regular cars but also luxury ones like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche. Asphalt Legends is perfect for those, who love drift, nitro-charged, and arcade racing.

Casino Games

It’s hard to imagine a more entertaining way to spend free time than to place a few bets on a gambling site: these games are quick, vibrant, and don’t require much space on your phone. Users can get the maximum amusement playing blackjack online at Casino HEX without a need to rush home and turn on a personal computer. Just make sure you have a strong Internet connection and a casino you can trust.

Alto’s Adventure

Snowboarding fans, rejoice! This new but promising gaming app will take you to a journey across the villages, alpine hills, abandoned places, and prehistoric woodlands. Along the way, you’ll need to rescue animals, repair buildings and resist weather, rainbows, shooting stars, and whatnot.

The Blockheads

The plot is taking place in a 2D blocky universe, where you need to feed and protect your avatar, as well as to build and explore the world around you. This simple but engaging game will literally steal hours or even days of your time, especially if you decide to invite friends into the virtual world.

Keep in mind that the local servers are free but online ones require a payment – around $3 or 600 gems for seven days.


Another representative that is well familiar to any gamer is Minecraft, which is available both on personal computers and smartphones. It can be played both offline and online, alone or on multiplayer servers.

The infinite number of worlds, where you can build everything anew, will engage even the most demanding players. The Creative mode allows accessing unlimited resources and the Survival mode makes you struggle.

Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout

This gaming app will keep you engaged for days: players need to overcome difficult challenges while escaping from prison. Gamers can create their own avatar with thousands of customized features and choose how the prison will look like.

Players need to follow the prison rules, do their jobs, attend roll call, and plan the future escape. There is even a chance to invite friends to the game and to create more complex escape plans in the multiplayer mode.

Gaming Apps are The Future

Not so many years ago we all played games on personal computers and couldn’t imagine anything more thrilling and fun. However, when mobile apps emerged our opinion has changed! The world of video games on the go is huge and continues increasing.

Above we have introduced you only to the most popular and favourite gaming apps: they can make players forget about the time, improve skills, and team up with friends. Just download one of the titles (or all of them) and find the game to your taste.

Luckily, the catalogue of gaming apps is constantly expanding and we will always have a chance to test new titles and find the one that will keep us engaged for hours. Because there is no better way to spend quarantine than being at the forefront of gaming, especially if you can explore it with friends.