Sound healing therapy is the practice of using various aspects of music for the physical and mental health restoration and well being of the patient with the help of trained healing practitioners. Tuning fork for healing utilizes the calibrated tuning forks to apply pressure or vibration by point stimulation in order to release tension and promote emotional stability. The technique applies sound to the physical and subtle body to open the energetic pathways where the natural life force flows, facilitating homeostasis through which healing begins.

Types of tuning forks

  • Weighted tuning forks: These forks have a weight connected to the end of the arm of the fork that gives more vibration to the body.
  • Nonweighted tuning forks: These do not have the weights attached and are to be listened to for comfort by adjusting fork to the patient’s ear.

Types of treatment through tuning forks

  • Son puncture: It utilizes the tuning forks on the acupuncture points, hand, and feet reflexology points, median points, Shiatsu points, spinal reflex points of the body
  • Osteophony: It uses the tuning forks on the articulations and any part of the skeleton. The bones transmit the vibrations better than any other medium of the body.
  • Diaphony: It is the use of tuning forks in the subtle bodies, energy fields and energy centers (aura and chakras).

Best tuning forks for healing

OM Tuning Fork 136.1 HZ Weighted – with Buddha Bead Base Green for Heart Chakra

  • The Om tuning fork with 136.1Hz frequency is the ultimate healing and relaxing solution.
  • Improvement of the physical and mental performance:  It helps to focus, relax and connect dots and concentrate.
  • Alternative treatments like massage, meditation, acupuncture are enhanced with the technique.
  •  It balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain to help focus and prevent the mindless chatter and ego.
  • The product includes a carry case, activator mallet, and a Buddha bead for a smoother application and deeper relaxation. 

Solfeggio tuning forks

  • The Solfeggio tuning forks come in a set of 9 in a convenient carrying pouch. They have a frequency of 528Hz and are considered runner up after the OM tuning forks. These are made in the USA.
  • Uses: They facilitate change and support, liberating guilt and fear and DNA repair at different frequencies.

QIYUN Tuning Fork, 528 Hz Tuning Fork with Silicone Hammer and Cleaning Cloth Solfeggio Tuning Fork for DNA Repair Healing 

  • The QIYUN tuning fork, made up of high-grade aluminum comes along with cleaning cloth and a silicone hammer.
  • It has a frequency of 528Hz for providing balance and musical healing.
  •  It is used for the reduction of stress.
  • It relieves joint pains and inflammation.
  • It provides relaxation and helps meditate by harmonizing your energy and creating Sacred Spaces.
  • It may be used to trace meridian lines, balance energy centers and draw Reiki symbols.

Radical 8 Chakra & Soul Purpose Cosmic Colored Weighted Healing Tuning Forks with Activator & Pouch

  • The Radical 8 Chakra and Soul tuning forks are the weighted tuning forks meant for the sound therapy through the vibration mode.
  • They come in cosmic colors and the set includes the activator and pouch.
  • The prongs physically move in a bigger motion, thus when the stem end is placed on the body, you can physically feel the vibration more and also feel the vibration at a deeper level.
  • These tuning forks have been designed to associate with our multidisciplinary selves through different levels of energy.

MINGCI 7 Chakras +1 Soul Purpose Weighted Tuning Forks Striker and Pouch Included

  • These are a set of 8 tuning forks with various frequencies: 126.22 Hz, 136.1 Hz, 141.27 Hz, 172.06 Hz, 194.18 Hz, 210.42 Hz, 221.23Hz and 272.2Hz.
  • The MINGCI tuning forks show a rating of 5 stars on the Amazon, which proves the reliability of the product. 
  • These are high-quality weighted forks that come along with the mallets and bag.
  • The Chakra tuning forks are based on mathematical rotation around the Sun and not the musical scales. They connect our multidisciplinary, subtle selves through the gateways, ladders, layers and multidimensional levels of energy. 

The article above mentioned discussed few of the best available tuning forks on Amazon. The choice of the tuning fork to be purchased depends upon the purpose of use and budget. Caution is needed while the selection and use of the forks, such as grasping them firmly by the end and keeping the wrist flexible. 

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