Best Holiday Destinations for a Spontaneous Getaway

When you think of booking a holiday you might be under the impression that it’s going to take hours and hours of careful planning, and to get somewhere good you have to book in advance. You’ll be pleased to know that this isn’t always the case. Sometimes spontaneous trips can be the best ones, so if you’re looking for a little travel inspiration look no further than right here. 

Corfu, Greece

Corfu is one of the most famous Greek islands, and for very good reason. Its white-sand beaches and lush green hills, alongside crystal-clear oceans make for a perfect tropical getaway. It couldn’t be easier to get there, either. Flights to Corfu from Gatwick airport allow anyone living in the south of the UK to easily catch the train from Brighton to Gatwick Airport and catch their last-minute flight. You’ll be sitting on the beach before you know it.

Barcelona, Spain

Maybe you’re in the mood for a last-minute city break. There’s nowhere else in the world quite like Barcelona. From its fabulous food to its breathtaking array of architecture, it’s a city that lends itself to wandering by foot and finding your own favourites. You won’t have to look far for affordable accommodation either. There’s plenty of websites which offer great, all-inclusive, deals. 

Cascais, Portugal 

Cascais is a small fishing town down the coast from Lisbon. If you’re looking for a chance to escape and switch-off then is the perfect spot for you. You can wander through the town and take in the spectacular scenery beside the coastline. You can stay in Lisbon and make the most of the cheap flights and accommodation there, and enjoy a tranquil seaside town while you’re at it. 

Dublin, Ireland

Maybe you fancy somewhere a bit closer to home for your getaway. It can save you both time and money. Dublin is such a charming city, and you won’t find hospitality quite like it anywhere else. If you’re looking for a weekend guide, check this out.

Florence, Italy

Last but by no means least, you certainly ought to think about Italy for a last-minute getaway. Florence in particular is one of the country’s best cities. It is known across the world for its art, and you can find famous masterpieces in Florence’s many galleries. Or perhaps you’d rather get outside and explore the quirkier side of the city. Florence has something to suit everyone’s taste and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how affordable it is once you get there.

Whether you’re chasing the sun or want a taste of the city life – a spontaneous holiday could be just the thing you need. It’s such a liberating feeling to book a trip and just go. Where’s your dream holiday destination?