Travelers and photographers are fascinated by the wild and sceneries that trigger them to capture the scenic view in their cameras with precision. What makes a photographer take a perfect shot is beyond a camera. A slight shake can also spoil the beauty of a shot. An ultra-light tripod is what a photographer needs to get perfect, stable shots while on long tracking in the open and great outdoors. The tripods must be small enough to be carried in a backpack and heavy enough to stabilize the camera.

Factors to be considered while buying tripods

  • The material of construction of the tripod
  • Portability and ease of carrying of the tripod
  • Leg sections
  • Head type
  • Locks: maybe twist or flip locks
  • Cost 

The following article will shed light on various lightweight tripods.

Gitzo Traveler Series 1 GT1545TUS

Weight: 2.3 lbs

  • The Gitzo Traveler series is made up of carbon and consists of strong but light carbon fiber tubes.
  • The legs are sturdy and foldable, having an advantage of reversible folding.
  • This sturdy product has a weight capacity of 20lb.
  • The legs are elongated to a maximum height of 16 inches.
  • The gear comes with a shoulder strap which eases the travel shooting and backpacking.

Manfrotto MKBFRC4-BH Befree Carbon Fiber Tripod

  • This is an innovative tripod in the world of tripods that has a compact design of carbon fiber. The light fiber, portability, and compact shape help to fit in the product in the backpack while traveling.
  • Manfrotto Tripod supports a weight of 8.8lbs with aid of ball head and the quick release plates that help to mount and dismount the gear easily. 
  • The product shows a unique folding mechanism which makes the legs fold around the head and has a fully closed height of 15.8 inches


  • The product is too light to be used for DSLRs.
  • The setup may prove non-intuitive for less advanced users.

Oben Ac-1451 4-Section Aluminum Tripod

  • The Oben AC tripod is a perfect choice for the photographers who want the control of all the angles.
  • The product is made up of aluminum which makes it lightweight.
  • The legs are divided into 4 sections that hold the weight of 13.2 lb. They show the maximum height of 68.3 inches. The legs are independently adjustable and secured at 3 different levels. 
  • The rubber tips help the gear to fix on all types of terrain.
  • The legs are nonrotating and the height of the tripod is adjusted with the help of flip locks.
  • The pan head controls the movements and there is a quick-release system that includes an RP-20 plate with a video pin, and a safety lock on the release lever, preventing accidental release of the camera.

Sirui T-1205x 5-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod

  • The Sirui tripod is a reliable compact traveler companion due to its easy folding mechanism and compact size.
  • The product weighs 0.8 kg and supports the payload of 22 lbs.
  • The five-section legs made up of carbon fiber keep the photography gear stable. The center column is shorter that is used interchangeably with the main center column for low height shooting.
  • The legs are easily foldable and this helps fit the product in backpacks while traveling.
  • It has silicon twist locks that are independently locked into place at two different angles.
  • The metal parts have increased thickness of the natural oxide layer produced by the electrolytic oxidation process, this increases durability and delays corrosion.
  • The lightweight and sturdy shoulder strap help to carry the product with ease.

Zomei Tripod Z818

The Zomei Tripod grabs this position due to its space-saving feature and conversion into a monopod.

The design of the product is compact and the legs are foldable, which helps you to carry it easily.

The 3.7 lb tripod supports a great deal of weight of gear. The ball head helps to take 360-degree panoramic shots.

Easily adjustable knobs and quick release plates provide an additional advantage to users.

It comes along with a  carrying bag to help in movement and storage.

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  • It might not be easy to shift from tripod and monopod modes.

This discussion will surely help you to go through reliable tripods that are available for backpacking and ease your long detours.