Best Razer Mouse in 2020

Razer is one of the major companies, known for manufacturing some of the top-notch mice, designed to last longer and cover all your functionalities with ease. But, there are various options to choose from, especially if you are targeting gaming mouse for a change. So, making the right choice can prove to be a tough nut to crack. Running down those all of them before making a vital choice is always a wise decision, in order to save some money.

  • Try out the RazerDeathAdder V2:

The best-selling mouse from the house of Razer, this DeathAdder V2 is a sequel of a previous model, which took the market by storm. It has its iconic design still untouched, making it not just ergonomic but pretty comfortable to use. It might weigh a fair bit less from the other models you have tried previously from this brand. It has the latest optical switches within along with the Focus+ sensor, which means you are all set for some great gaming sessions later.

  • Basilisk V2:

Another masterpiece from Razer, this Basilisk V2 is one legendary option that you must have if you are a gamer and using gaming mouse more often. If you are playing the role of the first-person shooter, this Razer product is a must-have for you. This product comprises of the same Focus+ sensor as mentioned above, and with additional optical switches like the new mice from Razer. It has a removable clutch, which is pretty unique. Pressing the mouse slowly will down DPI and helps you with that perfect headshot!

  • Razer Viper Ultimate:

If you are looking for something trustworthy and standard, this handy-dandy Razer Viper Ultimate is the one to watch out for. Here, you don’t have to deal with cables, as the moue is wireless. Even the switches are upgraded to the optical ones and the mouse comes handy with Focus+ sensor. The product is light in weight and the battery is also pretty good. It comes handy with onboard storage for around 5 profiles so you can always pop it right in your bag.

  • RazerDeathAdder Elite:

If you are looking for a gaming mouse within your budget, you can’t ignore the valuable RazerDeathAdder Elite, available a $25. Even though you have already known about its successor, but still this particular model is in the craze. Recent statistics clearly indicate that over 10 million products have been sold, which clearly depicts the importance of this mouse. Apart from having the best ergonomic design, the mouse comprises 16,000 DPI optical sensors and with 8 programmable buttons. For such a low price, you can’t get anything better than this one!

  • Razer Viper:

For the best ambidextrous mouse for the gaming world, the Razer Viper is the cool choice you could have asked for. It does a lot better than catering to just left-handed gamers. This mouse is perfect for the right-handers as well. Viper is mainly designed in perfect collaboration with professional gamers. It is quite fast, incredibly light in weight and accurate and has snag-free based cable. Furthermore, you can get programmable buttons on both sides. So, it really does not matter which hand you are using for playing around.

  • Razer Naga Trinity:

If you want a mouse best for MMO, make sure to head towards Razer Naga Trinity now. You now have an insane amount of programmable buttons, which are right at your disposal. The panel remains interchangeable. That means even a few buttons can cover the deal as you want it. You can cut down the programmable buttons to two and have that amazing thumb grip instead. It is really comfortable for anyone to use. This particular product comprises of the 5G optical sensor with around 16,000 DPI from Razer.

The market houses multiple options when it comes to the best razer mouse for gaming. But, make sure to spend quite some time running down through various mice options first, check out their available features, and finally take the right call. Research is the main point to help you find the best option in town. So, waste no time further and get in line with the best razer mouse, that is hovering the 2020 market with ease.