Friday, May 20 , 2022

Best Travel Apps for Solo Trips

Solo travel calls for a major dose of confidence. Nevertheless, once you step outside into the world alone, you would never want to let go of the thrill that accompanies the trip. 

The absolute freedom of doing everything at your own pace, no hassle of consulting anyone else or catering to their preference is indeed exhilarating.

However, while the experience is a challenge, which most of us crave, there is no one to depend on your solo journey and that is when we learn what we are made of. 

That’s why we would highly recommend that you so travel at least once in your life as it’s going to be an incredible learning experience for you. 

Traveling solo can be quite daunting, particularly when you are doing it for the first time. You may have come across a lot of useful travel advice on these travel blogs, which you should definitely adhere to. However, remember security is the top risk in a solo journey since no one would be there to help unstick a sticky situation.

Fortunately, we have internet, smartphones and their apps to help us traverse the sticky mud. 

The internet on your journey may not be as good as the Spectrum Orlando Internet Service that you get at home, but you have to make sure you have subscribed to a good mobile internet plan in order to access the most useful apps we are going to tell you about here. 

Here you go!

  • Meetup

What better way to explore the exotic land than meeting the locals? The Meetup tells you all about events and plans organized by the locals, which you can join and have the time of your life with. 

You could discover everything that interests you happening around you via this app. Whether you want to learn cooking, join people in the causes you care for, learn karate, do yoga together, go hiking or biking, learn a local dance style or language, or anything else, including learning to code together, the app has got you covered.

Download on iOS or Android

  • Travello

Find like-minded people on your journey, particularly those traveling solo like you. The app finds you travel mates by filtering your interests, age, nationality, gender, location, and even traveler type such as backpackers, gap-year students, urban tourists, etc.

On Travello, you could share your photos, videos, and stories with other travelers, and even share and ask for some good travel advice.

Download on iOS or Android

  • Couchsurfing

If you want to feel at home in a foreign country, then a good way to go about it would be to stay at a local’s place. The Couchsurfing app helps you find if there are any locals nearby, who would let you crash on their couch. 

You can find out about a dependable host nearby by reviewing their references by other travelers or filtering them based on them being a friend of a friend, and of course their age, gender, and nationality too. 

Download on iOS or Android

  • EatWith 

No tour would be complete without your taste buds exploding with delicious local food. However, no matter how fabulous the food is, one soon gets tired of eating out alone.

One doesn’t experience the complete essence of local culture unless they have a home-made local food, which is entirely different than a restaurant experience. 

EatWith, formerly known as VizEat, is the Airbnb of dining. The app lets you have an interesting dining experience at a local’s place, who has signed up to host visiting tourists in their home. 

Plus, the app covers a wide range of geography, so relish some good home-made exotic food, food tours, and cooking classes across 130+ countries. 

Download on iOS or Android

  • SoloTraveller

We may not always want to be alone on our solo travels at all times. Solo travel can get boring sometimes if there are no people to party with. Moreover, It can get really expensive and you may need someone to pair up with so you could split the travel expense associated with cabs or tours, or just explore the new world together. 

So this app is quite reliable in helping you find a travel partner near you who is your preferred age, gender, and has similar interests. 

Download on iOS or Android

  • The Outbound Collective

Paid guided tours are not what you always expect as the local guides attempt to get you a tour of an entire country in a day. You begin to realize how much of a bad idea this tour was as you cannot peruse the foreign land at your leisure.

The purpose of solo travel is to visit all the places at your own leisure without the annoyance of anyone else running you on a tight schedule.

So the Outbound app is there for your rescue when it tells you all about which place you should visit in the country, and even go on an adventure to unknown and mysterious places not known by many tourists or even locals. 

The app offers you relevant suggestions and curates your adventure list to plan your itinerary, based on your activity.

Download on iOS or Android

  • Turn Your Travels Livelier

Travel, no doubt, makes even the most despondent person into a lively individual. So make sure you embark on your madcap journey at least once. Don’t forget to download these apps, they are going to save you a lot of trouble and make your travel even livelier.

If there’s an app that has been of immense help to you on your solo travels, then let a traveler know.