Sunday, October 2 , 2022

Best Wallet Brands in Pakistan


Design & Functionality

A wallet is designed to primarily carry currency in an organized and secure manner for men and women of all ages. Depending on personal fashion and style, wallets are considered an extension of personality and persona. People prefer to keep their wallet in the pocket of their pants, jeans, coat or jacket, to accommodate these pocket sizes there are a variety of designs to choose from. Ladies’ wallets are usually stored in their handbags, purse or satchel, keeping that in mind the wallet is designed as a travel wallet that has a wide rectangle shape and is thicker in size. Travel wallets have a strong zip that goes around the entire wallet to ensure nothing falls out by accident.

Origins of the Wallet

The concept of carrying currency in the leather pouch has been around for hundreds of years. Original leather wallets are made from the hides of cows or horses, they are considered the premium quality and are expensive. Pocket-sized wallets were designed to accommodate the first credit card technology in the early 1950s. Wallets carry money, loose change in an additional pocket, identification cards, passport, credit/debit cards, business cards and important receipts. Losing a wallet can be traumatic as it is one of the most important things we carry throughout the day. Without a wallet, it is incredibly hard to manage the day to day tasks such as buying grocery and food and paying for petrol.

Types of Wallets

Most commonly seen wallet design is the simple Blindfold that has two equal sides that are designed to fold at the centre. The Blindfold is now available with additional pockets and sleeves such as a change pocket or extra smaller flap with a button to secure the wallet. Evolution of the wallet can be seen in the more minimalist wallets that have a large pocket on one side for currency and the other is a series of horizontal card slots, this wallet is vertically designed to be placed in sports blazers or skinny suit pockets. The traditional coat wallet will be larger and can hold up to 20 business or bank cards, they are considered part of formal wear. For those who want to carry something substantially lighter, there are phone wallets and cardholders that are simply for the single credit card and piece of ID.

High Street Fashion Wallets

Over the decades, wallets have become part of every high street fashion house’s product line. Each designer will create wallets that reflect their brand identity and fashion ethos, with a range of colour palettes from neutral to bright shades, interesting stitching patterns, and rounded painted edges. Premium quality wallets offered by heritage makers that are handcrafted from the finest leathers sold under brands such as Montblanc, Gucci, Burberry, Guess, Micheal Kors, Calvin Klien, Hugo Boss, and Fossil. These high street fashion brands are not available easily as they do not have any flagship stores or delivery to Pakistan.

Premimun Quality Wallets 

Pakistan has a rich history with the leather industry, the craftmanship and genuine leather quality is considered export quality. Traditions is a high-end leather retail store that exclusively makes leather handbags, jackets, shoes, briefcases and wallets for men and women. It was established in 1988 and is located in Jinnah Super Mazkaz in Islamabad, Pakistan.

They have an extensive collection of wallets in a range of colours, designs and long-lasting designed that will not age easily. Another local artisanal leather fashion brand is Jafferjees that have been delivering high street leather designs for an extensive collection of accessories including belts, handbags, office stationery, wallets and keychains. For the office, Jafferjees has leather organizers, penholders, desk boards, card cases and briefcases. If you want to explore more then you must check to search wallets of your favorite brands with price filter.

Their competitive range will allow consumers to match their wallets with watch cases, tie cases, pouches with handbags, table coasters with jewellery boxes, these make excellent gift sets. In 2001, HUB launched a variety of locally crafted leather range that only sold premium quality leather goods to the Pakistani market.

They target executives and professionals who want top-quality along with a contemporary design for wallets, briefcases and jackets. Their stylish and modern designs are highly popular among men in their 30s to 70s as they embody timeless elegance and fuse that with selective tasteful alterations to traditional leather designs.  

Fashion House Wallets

For those looking for a slightly lower price point than genuine leather, wallets will find design options in the mainstream fashion store chains like ChenOne, Charles & Keith, Caanchi & Lugari, Mango and Royal Tag. The price range of wallets can vary according to the quality of the material and craftsmanship involved in creating them. The wallets available in fashion chain stores are usually factory-made and have a range of budget-friendly options that are professional designs to more the colourful funky casual style. They are made from treated leather called pleather or even canvas material with simple inside pockets. Other local fashion brands that house a variety of wallets are Uniworth which is one the oldest menswear brand of Pakistan. Men’s stores like Charcoal offer complimentary designs for wallets that are in line with their menswear fashion lines for suits and shirts.  

Budget-Friendly Wallets 

For college going students fashion brands like Outfitters, Breakout, Limelight and Borjan have lowest price point for wallets available in the market. Their designs are playful and inexpensive to suit the needs of students and young professionals. These brands will keep changing their designs according to the global fashion trends making it easy to replace old wallets and update your style with each season.