Thursday, October 6 , 2022

Biography and Political Activity of the President of Israeli-Jewish Congress Vladimir Sloutsker

Vladimir Sloutsker is a famous supporter of the Jewish people. He is also a politician, businessmen, and the president of the Israeli-Jewish Congress. The public figure actively defends the interests of Israel and urges the whole world to stop social pressure on Jewish people. It was Mr. Sloutsker who vigorously expressed his point of view on the Hamas actions and called to recognize it as a terrorist organization.

The politician has always been a patriot of his native country. Even though his background created many problems for his career, he overcame them and entered the university. We recall that the majority of USSRhigher educational institutions denied him, but still he graduated and even defended his thesis.

Mr. Sloutskerwas forced to watch the formation of his homeland from afar because his parents could not return to the country due to their serious work. Only in 2011, Vladimir Sloutskerwas able to return to his homeland. He had a clear goal – to protect the interests and rights of the Jewish people. To achieve that, the politician founded the Israeli-Jewish Congress. The main aim of the organization is to establish contacts with Jewish Diaspora worldwide and to build connections with the government authorities. All of that is extremely important in the times when the hostility towards Jews grows.

One of the big Israeli-Jewish Congress’ achievements is the creation of a trilateral dialogue between the governmental representatives of America, Europe, and Israel. Also, it was Vladimir Sloutsker who helped to create a program of young ambassadors that supports Jews who live in Europe. Strengthening the Diaspora is crucial for the Jewish people in the modern world.

Another passion of Mr. Sloutskeris an active position on citizenship laws. He supports their change. After all, Israelallowedevery Jewto be proud of their origin and to build contacts with other nationalities. The politician strongly believes that any person who has Jewish roots and can prove his background should be able toget Israeli citizenship.

But the problem of citizenship is not only in that it is hard to get it has more significant roots.The younger Jewish generation is not very interested in maintaining patriotism, which is mainly due to the problem of anti-Semitism. That is why Mr. Sloutsker calls on the authorities and influential people of all countries to pay attention to attacks against social minorities and doeverythingthat it takes to eliminate them.

As Vladimir Sloutsker’sdaughter chose to study in the UK, he was forced to move there, and now he is a part of British Jewry.His move did not affecthis political activities. Mr. Sloutsker stillholds the position of President of the Israeli-Jewish Congress and is trying to followthe UK’s experiencein dealing with hatred phenomenon. The politician makes public speeches and tries to attract attention to the idea of fighting anti-Semitism and hatred of social minorities in general. Moreover, he also supportstheidea of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and many big countries praise him for that.