Birthday Surprise Ideas For Boyfriend

Birthdays would never cease to fascinate us and when it the birthday of your boyfriend knocking at the door you are sure to become nervous thinking what to do. Surprising him with something unique is always the best thing to do but may turn out to be a little difficult to find one. Well, you have surfed well for here comes a few creative Birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend.

It is finally your boyfriend’s birthday and you have not landed at an idea to surprise him. Don’t worry anymore for here you are to learn about some interesting ideas to surprise him in the best way possible even at the nick of time.

6 Birthday Surprise Ideas For Boyfriend

1. Wake him up with the best breakfast prepared by you

It is always nice to receive a good meal prepared by our loved ones, especially on our birthdays. Just imagine how delighted your boyfriend would be to receive a delicious breakfast prepared by you on the morning of his birthday.

Don’t worry even if are not left with any exciting surprise trick. Just get yourself into the kitchen before he wakes up and make him his favorite toast with the omelets and a cup of his favorite beverage and wake him on his bed to this lovely morning birthday surprise.

2. Send to him the fake firing letter

This can prove to be a little scary for your boyfriend would not expect a firing letter from his boss on his birthday especially. Don’t worry, it will be you sending him the letter with birthday wishes inside decorated out in an official format externally.

Write two letters, one a serious fake firing letter with the name of his office and his boss. And another a small one revealing the surprise with birthday wishes on it. Now put both the letters inside an envelope. Be careful to keep the wishing letter behind or else the plan would have flopped.

3. Post a wish on an add site

 Plan to surprise your boyfriend with some of the additional posts on the panel of the local channel. This would make him surprise thinking who could be the mischievous person behind this. Then ring him up and reveal that it is you the planner behind the add post.

To do this you simply need to contact the advertising department of the local channel and provide them with the information and the birthday wish that you wish to convey along with a cute photo of your boyfriend. If possible try to record his reaction on seeing the birthday wishing add on the television.

4. Be his entertainer of the day

Who wouldn’t like to be surprised with some free entertainment service? Your boyfriend deserves this on his birthday for listening to all your tantrums for all these while.

So on his next birthday be the best entertainer for him. Be his favorite cartoon character and act out a scene from his favorite cartoon series of schooldays or be the seductive belly dancer of the evening entertaining him on his birthday.

This small dose of love to entertain him is sure to surprise him by seeing you acting out his favorite characters.

5. Get his portrait done secretly

This one could take some effort for you have to be very careful in preparing this. But he would be left in awe once he gets to see his portrait looking back at him.

To do this you have to call up an artist while your boyfriend would be sleeping. Then ask the artist to make the sketch done as fast as possible before your boyfriend wakes up. Once it is done, keep the portrait facing his bed and let it surprise him when he wakes up to see his face gazing back at him. Then you can jump him and wish him ‘happy birthday’.

He could do nothing but to thank you with all his heart to receive this surprise as well as a beautiful portrait gift.

6. Let him enjoy his naughty fantasy

 It is quite common for all of us to have some of the other kinds of fantasy that we wish hard to get it fulfilled. Your boyfriend too must have been living some. If you don’t know yet ask them casually and sue this to your advantage to surprise him on his birthday.

For example, if a visit to the strip club and enjoying a momentous night with the gorgeous strippers happens to be one of his fantasies then get his table booked at the happening strip club of the town and ask the club attendant to invite him with the pretense of any special occasion.

Don’t forget to ask him the next day though regarding his experience with the strippers. He may feel embarrassed a bit but could never thank you more for this amusing surprise on his birthday.


No more trying out the boring ways of surprising your boyfriend. Try out the extraordinary Birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend discussed above to make his birthday special.  It is time to try new surprise clicks.