Monday, October 3 , 2022

Blocked Eustachian Tube Won’t Unblock Solution

Eustachian tubes are the canals that connect the back of the throat to the middle of ears. These tubes are used to drain the fluid out of the ears. Furthermore, the air pressure inside the ears also remains stable just because of Eustachian tubes.

The name of Eustachian tubes was derived from the name of a 16th-century Italian biologist Eustachias. Some sources also hint that the structure of the canals was first discovered in 400BC. You can click here to get a detailed insight into the anatomy of the Eustachian tube. 

When you yawn or swallow, tubes open for a short time to let the air in so that the pressure inside the air becomes proportionate to the pressure outside. Generally, Eustachian tubes in adults are 35 mm long and have a diameter of approximately 3 mm.

Why do Eustachian Tubes get Blocked?

Eustachian tubes can get blocked due to allergies and colds. Furthermore, any infection related to nose or throat might also cause the clogging of these tubes. When the tubes are blocked, the balance of pressure is disrupted. 

Another reason for the blockage of tubes is the variation in the altitudes. When you go to a higher place such as mountain, plane, or when you skydive, then the pressure of air abruptly fluctuates, and you might start experiencing complications in your ear. Usually, small children have high chances of being hit by the infection given that their tubes are shorter in length.

How to Unblock Eustachian Tubes

If the tubes of your ears are clogged and you are enduring some complications in your hearing abilities, then you must be thinking about curing the problem. You can resolve the issue of blockage in two ways. Either you can go to a doctor, or you can implement some home-based remedies.

If your symptoms are serious and you are having severe pain, then you should definitely be consulting a doctor. A good doctor will prescribe some medications and drugs that would mitigate the symptoms.

However, if your symptoms are mild and you are also not willing to go to a doctor, then you can utilize some ways to unblock the Eustachian tubes. I am pretty sure that the symptoms of infection will decrease if you follow these suggestions.


Jaw Wriggling is basically an exercise that is simple and easy to implement. Just move your jaw forward and backward. You can also move it to your right or left side. If the ear blockage is mild, then this exercise will open the blocked tubes.

Holding Your Nose

This maneuver is also super helpful in unblocking the air passage from the ears. Just keep in mind that you need to practice this exercise gently. Sudden inhaling or exhaling of breath can cause a rapid change in blood pressure and heartbeat. 

  • Take a deep breath and hold it while closing your mouth and pinching your nostrils shut.
  • Try to exhale air through the closed nostrils.
  • You will hear a popping sound in your ears, indicating that the blocked canals have been opened successfully.

Blow up a Balloon through Your Nose

Some people might perceive it as a dumb idea, but believe me; you will get instant relief from your pain if you do this. Blowing up a balloon through your nostrils will maintain the flow of air pressure and ensure that the Eustachian tubes are working efficiently. Here is the way to do so:

  • Buy a balloon from a medical store that has a nozzle so that it could fit into your nostril.
  • Pinch the one nostril closed with your fingers and insert the nozzle of the balloon in another nostril.
  • Now, try to inflate the balloon with the opened nostril.
  • Shuffle the nostrils and repeat the same process for another nostril.
  • Continue rehearsing the process until you hear a pop sound from your ears. It would be an indicator that the blocked tubes have been unblocked.

Bottom Line

 Going to an experienced doctor would help alleviate the symptoms. You can also ask the doctor about the practices you are doing at your home. Just make sure that you are taking preventive measures because prevention is always better than the cure.