Board Portal Software: Health Organizations’ Essential Tool

Every industry has been affected by the transformative technological explosion that we’ve witnessed over the last couple of decades. The new gadgets amount to a paradigm shift because they’re so incredibly powerful and useful when they work properly. But when there’s a failure, such as when there’s a hack or a security breach, the results can be disastrous.

The boards of health organizations can be privy to the very private health data of thousands or even millions of people, so security is absolutely paramount. A breach can lead to negative health outcomes for many people, and also headaches, financial drain, and lawsuits for the breached organization. 

Many health organizations across North America are turning to board portal software to give them the ultimate in both communications and security. Read on to learn more.

Modern Communication Tools

Health organizations run more efficient board meetings when they have the tools to keep their directors connected before, during, and after meetings. 

Industry leading board portals streamline communications by having it all take place in one centralized location, so directors won’t have to go back and forth between email and text messages. Because board portal software is cloud-based, directors can access it from whatever device they prefer using: desktop, laptop, or tablet. 

It’s a good idea to start by identifying what are the key traits of effective boards before choosing which board portal software can help you achieve your goals.

Smart Collaboration, Ultimate Organization

Even if directors are in different geographic locations, they can still read, share, and annotate all board materials with a board portal. 

It’s also easy for admins to keep directors organized. Admins can aggregate and upload board packages, swap in new documents or edit existing ones, and alert directors of any new changes with the press of a button.

Total Security

Health organizations trust board portal software to keep the public’s health data secure because it’s all highly encrypted, preventing sensitive information from ever getting into the wrong hands. The organization can decide where to store its data, and know that the server storing the information will always adhere to third-party security certification requirements.

Each login is authenticated, so organizations can easily verify that everyone who accessed the software was in fact meant to have access. Role-based permissions make it easy to control who can and cannot see specific board material.

It’s also easy to change the settings on a document to prevent it from being printed or downloaded. If a director loses an organization-issued device, its board data can be wiped remotely, preventing a breach from occurring. 

The director with the missing device can then simply login to the software with any other desktop, laptop, or tablet to access all of their board material. There’ll never be any operational interruption.  

Health organizations do important work for the public, and they need powerful, reliable, and secure tools to communicate and collaborate. That’s why so many have decided to opt for board portal software.