Sunday, October 2 , 2022

How To Boost The Attractiveness Of Its Accommodation In Low Season?

This is the problem faced by a lot of guests: since their accommodation is located in an area where tourist visits are seasonal, the approach of the low season means for them a significant drop in the number of bookings. How can we reverse this trend and ensure that the rental of its property remains constant throughout the year? This article gives you some elements of the answer …

Make Sure Your “Low Season” Dates Are Well Defined

Whether your home is located at sea or in the mountains, the definition of a “low season” changes drastically depending on the location of your property.
Make sure that you are familiar with these dates, which are characterized by a slowdown in tourist activity.

Make Some Adjustments On Your Ad

“Low season” means cheaper rates or promotions to attract potential travelers. Indeed, a fair estimate of rates is a key element to increase the chances of bookings, especially in quieter periods.

Luckey understood this well. That’s why the concierge service includes a daily price adjustment in its service offering. Its team, made up of short-term rental professionals, is in charge of analyzing the geographical area of the accommodation as well as the type of property and the date, and then adjusts the price of the night according to these parameters.
Also, note that travelers are often looking for “good deals” or promotions. If you want to ensure the filling of your property, even in the off-season, you can offer a discount or a night for a certain number of reserved days.
Another Tip: you can offer packages to attract potential tenants. For example, offer a free parking spot near the accommodation, provide a transportation pass or a ticket for local art or cultural event. Keep an eye out for possible events (festival, lights, local troupe, etc.) that could attract visitors and do not hesitate to change the description of your ad accordingly!
All these attentions never go unnoticed and make their effect every time.

Reorienting Your Strategy Towards Business Trips

In the low season, why not consider focusing primarily on business trips and no longer on travel for tourism? Be aware that by installing an office and making sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection, it is possible to obtain a badge labeling your home as suitable to receive professionals on the move. An interesting alternative when tourists are scarce …
Do not hesitate to inform former visitors of an ongoing discount or promotion. Since they already know your home, these travelers are probably more likely than others to book a second time or recommend it to relatives.