Boost Your Presence with These 10 Social Media Tools in 2021

Much of the world has moved online, and so have various businesses. Customers can easily access the information, products, and services that they need. If you are looking to grow as an entrepreneur developing a solid marketing strategy is imperative, mainly social media marketing which has gained considerable popularity in the past years. Consumers consistently access various social media platforms, so brushing up on your social media skills can significantly boost your business! We have compiled a list of some ways you can increase your presence on social media. Remember that your strategies must be goal-oriented and purpose-driven, as well as well-planed and adequately measured. We hope you find this helpful!

      1. Choose Your Platform

Instead of spreading yourself aimlessly, decide on specific platforms that will be most conducive to your brand growth and practical too. You can’t keep up with all social media platforms while simultaneously engaging all audiences. Find your target audience – people most willing to engage with your brand. Then analyse the platform they access the most and invest most of your energy on those sites. 

     2. Curate Meaningful Content

Your social media presence will be primarily driven by the kind of content you are willing to deliver to your audiences. Make sure that it is relevant and meaningful. People quickly tire of content that does not add any meaning to their lives. You can also try to make it engaging and interactive to allow your audiences to feel a sense of personal connection with you and your brand. Images and short videos are typically the most popular form of content. 

    3. Know Your Audience 

Understanding your audience’s needs, likes, and expectations is critical to narrow down your content niche. You may be an artist, but if audiences prefer a particular style, give them more of what they want! Rather than guessing what they might like, do some research at your end and feel more confident. 

    4. Sharing is Caring 

If your viewers share your content, your brand will grow faster and attract more audiences! It can be a good idea to positively encourage your audience to share your content if they like it! People appreciate authenticity and are more like to be open to recommendations coming from family or a friend. This approach is a fast and effective way for you to build your network too.

     5. Keep Learning

Interact with influencers and entrepreneurs who share audiences with you. You can complement their content and even think of collaborating with them. Collaborations can range from content exchanges to giveaways. You can learn from their journey and how they carved an identity online. Your personality may differ from and the image that you want to cultivate for yourself and your brand. If you are starting and are not yet sure about your essence as an entrepreneur, you can always take the entrepreneur personality test or entrepreneur assessment test, available online. 

   6. What’s Trending? 

Much of the content on social media often gets peak popularity when it is incorporated into a trend. Following a trend and organically weaving your content into it can be a creative and effective way of communicating your content and attracting more followers. 

    7. Visual Content 

Every audience favors this content style. So try and make it catch the eye and instantly grab attention! Your visual elements don’t have to be overly complicated as long as they are attractive. 

    8. Promote! 

Specific social media sites limit the amount of engagement you can have with your audience. Keep this in mind when generating content and consider investing in promotional posts or even advertising your brand using different social media accessories. 

    9. Measure Results 

Track your content visibility and trending as well as subscribers and viewers. As with any goal-oriented program, keep track of your progress to know what you are doing right and the potential mistakes that could happen.  

   10. Take Support! 

Connections take some effort to be made and consideration to be sustained. No one is an island, so try and build a community for yourself with like-minded influencers and content-creators who fit your entrepreneur profiling. This approach is more profound than simply one-off interactions. Likes and mentions develop your brand image and immensely gain recognition as well. You can even mention viewers and followers and encourage a loyal subscriber base!