Wednesday, September 28 , 2022

Borrowing Hope from Future

By Prakash Sutradhar, Asstt. Manager (A Govt. of India Enterprise) – B.Tech, M.Tech (IIT Bombay)

Borrowing Hope from Future

Before writing this article I must say thanks to my Psychology teacher from Egypt, who introduced me to this awesome art. It is fascinating. We all do it but we never realized it. Previously I used to do this but never knew about this powerful art but when he explained it to me; I got more power and started manipulating it.

Let’s begin

Just wait for a minute and check your automatic thoughts going inside your mind spontaneously. It will either be about something which happened in the past or something about future which is yet to happen. My point is we never live in the present, scientifically proven than 95% of our thoughts are either about our past bad moments or future worries which are yet to happen.

Here comes a term called art of “Conscious Living” and indeed it is an art and need to be learned. It is about keeping our past bad memory aside and not focusing on future worries which are yet to be realized, just concentrating on our present moment. Sounds difficult but there is a way.

Mohan was very depressed. He was jobless, no achievements, bank balance zero and relationships were already broken. One day he came up with a great plan. He took pen and paper and wrote down his future plans. He planned of doing MBA then high package job in multinational company, then fulfiling dreams for his parents, then beautiful wife, happy life. After planning all that he immediately got motivated and started preparing for MBA entrance and he performed great. What happened?

As his present was not good, so he created a bright future in his mind (It is your mind and you have the full authority to do anything with it :-)) and he just borrowed some hope from that future to his present.

Thats why before exams we all write down our plans for study when we are in tension

13/2/14- physics
14/2/14-  chemistry
15/2/14 – maths revision  etc etc
20/2/14- Cracking the exam

What happens after that ??

You immediately become relaxed and confident, because you ensured your subconscious mind that I have a plan and I will manage it. Our subconscious mind creates emotions only to remind you of something that is not going normal or you are not giving the necessary attention to it. Here before exam subconscious mind was sending you emotion of worry just to remind you that you  are not up to date with your preparation but when you wrote down your plans and with this plan you correctly replied to your subconscious mind that I am on my way. You ensured your subconscious mind that I have a plan, I will take action on it.

This is borrowing some positive emotions from future as it is yet to happen.  In above examples both of them created plans for future and borrowed some positive emotions from there. Your subconscious mind is like a distant observer who keeps an eye on you 24×7, god might miss you for a moment but your subconscious won’t. So it is all about convincing your subconscious mind.

But one important thing, your goal/plan has to be realistic so that your subconscious mind believes in it. Say you are not sure of getting more than 30% marks in your final exam which is scheduled one month from today. Now you write down plan of securing 90% then your subconscious mind will immediately reply you “You moron!! stop kidding me”. So do it step by step. Write down plan for next one week and keep target of 50% marks, this time subconscious mind will believe your 20% uncertainty you added and work hard.

After one week your subconscious mind will be confident for 50% marks (If you really followed your plan), then next one week target of 70% (again adding 20% uncertainty) and finally in last week 90%. This is how your mind works. Making your subconscious mind to believe in you. This way you can bring hope in your life when you lost all of your motivation.