Brilinta: Uses, Dosage and Side Effects

There are some medications that are used after some surgeries such as angioplasty, coronary artery bypass grafts and stent placement and Brilinta is one of them. It is used with aspirin (low dose) to prevent heart attacks and stroke. It also prevents platelets from forming clots. Steady blood flow throughout the body is optimized and regulated by this tablet.

This tablet should be taken regularly (twice a day) as per the directions of your doctor. You can take it with or without food. If you do not want to swallow it, you can crush it and take it in the powdered form with water. Ticagrelor is the main ingredient that is used in it.

Brilinta is available in many dosage including 90 mg and 60 mg. You can get it online at best price. Online pharmacies can provide these meds without any hassle. You just need to upload the prescription or fax it directly to online pharmacy site to get your order approved and confirmed. 

How to use:

It stops platelets from sticking together. Once they are glued, clots can be formed. This tablet attaches to these platelets and optimize the blood flow in your body. Those people who have suffered heart attack or have the history of MI or ACS, they can use this medicine as per the direction of doctors. 

Side effects:

Sometimes, people who use it experience some side effects like skin rash, nausea, increased uric acid, increased creatinine, hemorrhage, gout, ECG abnormalities, Dyspnea, Dizziness, angioedema and more.

When not to use it:

Those who are allergic to its active ingredients, they should not take this tablet.  If you have history of head injury, brain bleeding or active bleeding, then you should tell your doctor. You should also give all information to the doctor if you ever had any issue like serious injuries, recent surgeries, asthma, kidney disease, liver issue, a stomach ulcer, bleeding problem, heart issue, a stroke and more.

Things to remember:

  • You should discuss if you are pregnant or planning any dental surgery.
  • You should not stop taking this tablet without consulting with your doctor
  • You should take your tablets as per the directions 
  • If you experience any kind of side effects, then discuss it with your doctor. If you stop taking tablet, then it can increase the risk of death, stroke, heart attack and any such cardiovascular event.
  • If you miss taking it, do not panic. You can take the next dose on the fixed time.
  • It would be good, if you take it on a specific time every day.
  • You may have to stop taking it temporarily like dental treatment or surgery
  • Shortness of breath may be experienced by some in initial weeks
  • This is a blood thinner
  • You may have to make some changes in your lifestyle to get the maximum benefit 

Can I get it online?

Nowadays, it is easy to get meds online. There are so many online pharmacies that can provide you variety of generic and brand meds.  It is not easy to find the right and authentic drugs online. Only a reliable, licensed and legitimate pharmacy can prove helpful. You can consider many factors while choosing an online pharmacy like reputation, order process, payment modes, prescription required or not, consultants, shipping details, variety of drugs and more. Once you find a legitimate online pharmacy, things become easier for you.

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