Buddhist Facts

Buddhist Facts and the Gautama Buddha- All you need to know!

Are you looking for Buddhist facts for a great understanding of Buddhism? If you are willing to, here is a complete overview regarding the Lord Buddha and Buddhism.

Buddhist Facts

Prince Siddartha was born in “Lumbini Sal Uyana” (park) in 563 BC to King Suddhodana and Queen Maya Devi. His mother died five days after he was born.  He was brought up by aunt Prajapathi Gothami and grew up in Kapilawasthupura. His father the King never allowed him to go beyond the Palace gates in fear that he would leave home and not take over the reign of the Kingdom.  But this was sadly not to be, as at the age of 29 Prince Siddartha now married and with a young son, Rahula decided to venture out of the Palace gates to see the world outside.

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He had never before seen the outside world, he only knew the luxurious life of living in a Royal Palace, and what he saw made him think about life and it’s meaning. First, he met a sick person, second an old man,  third a corpse and last a monk.  After seeing these he wanted to leave behind his Wealth, Palace and Title behind and be like the monk he saw on the road. And so one day he quietly saddled his horse  Kanthaka and went away with is faithful servant Channa. He left his young wife Yashodhara and his son Rahula forever, to seek the truth. After coming to the end of the forest he sent his servant Channa back home along with his horse Kanthaka who died of sorrow when his Master left home for good.  It was left to Channa to break the news to Yashodara Devi.

Buddhist Facts

He walked through the forests for days and days on end in search of the truth, without food and water.  One day he sat under a  Bo- tree to meditate while having a mental battle with Mara (devels).  After a very very long battle of hunger, starvation,   rains,  storms, wind, fire, heat and forest wild animals, and devels and all the evil on Earth and beyond –  he became awoken and attained Enlightenment.

(Meaning, the truth about life which ends when  one attains Nirvana which in turn means you are not going to be born again means you are free of  all suffering). After which he started to teach and preach to his disciples the Noble Truth,  Three main Beliefs, And the 8 precepts of his teachings and the Eighth fold path. He walked the streets for alms.

Buddhist Facts

The Buddha’s Beliefs.

The Buddha saw the suffering in the world and this he saw as the truth. That when we are born it is suffering like the birth,  youth, old age, disease and ultimately death.  In his words, he said  “Nothing is permanent ”  but death certain. The Buddha is not a God but was a living human being who taught us about his teachings of life, the Noble Truths and the 8 precepts of Buddhism.  People think Buddha is important because of what he taught and because he attained Enlightenment.  The Buddha taught us The Truth of Suffering. (Dukkha) , The Truth of the Origin of Suffering (Samuddaya),. The Truth of Ending or Cessation of Suffering. (Nirodha) ,. The Truth of the Path to the  Cessation of Suffering. (Magga).

Buddhist Facts

The Noble Eightfold Path of the Buddha is The path to the end of suffering.

  1. “Samma ditthi” – The precise understanding
  2. “Samma Sankalpa” – The precise thought
  3. “Samma Vacha” – The precise speech
  4. “Samma Kammantha” – The precise action
  5. “Samma Ajeeva” – The precise livelihood
  6. “Samma Vayama” – The precise effort
  7. “Samma Sathi” – The precise mindfulness
  8. “Samma Samadhi” – The ultimate concentration of the mind

Buddhism was handed down from generation to generation by word of mouth.  It was only written down on ola leaves 400 years later, and categorized into three segments and stored in 3 baskets.

  1. Vinaya – The rules and conduct for monks and nuns
  2. Sutras – The Lord Buddha’s Teachings. ( In Pali language)
  3. Abhidharma – Philosophy

The Buddha founded Buddhism and an Order of monks and nuns known as the Sangha.  His teachings have been preserved from time immemorial, and today many Buddhist people as well as foreigners and many others around the world follow in his teachings and practices like the Noble Eightfold Path and so forth.

Buddhist Facts

We believe in reincarnation as we die and then we are reborn again it is a never-ending cycle of birth, living, loving and dying.  After going through these cycles of life and death and if a person is able to let go of all material things in life without any desire whatsoever ” in self ” then they can attain Nirvana which releases one from eternal suffering.

Buddhism and God

The Lord Buddha or Gautama Buddha was a real live or living being.  Who sought to seek the ” Truth to Life” , and while doing so by  sheer immense will power and fighting off all evil or ” Dushkara “. in a long 45 day meditative state  to the point of being severely emaciated  finally achieved the path of ” Enlightenment” on a full Moon Poya day in the Sixth Century  BC.

Buddhist Facts

From that day onwards people and disciples followed in his footsteps to the path of “true Bliss” and the Buddha’s teachings and meaning of ” Nothingness ” when all is before of all attachment.  Buddhists believe in ‘Karma’ if you do badly in this birth it is bound to swing back at you either in this birth or the next.  Whatever bad thoughts and feelings, hatred towards others, good or bad will come back to us in the future or life after.  You can cultivate the good karma by doing good deeds and or by performing meritorious acts to the Sanga or other.  Thinking and meditating on good thoughts washes away all evil from our mind and body with clean and pure thoughts words and deeds which purifies the mind soul and body.

  • There is no belief in a God but the true meaning and teachings of the Gautama Buddha.
  • The Buddha passed away at the age of 80 in Kushinaramaya in 483 BC.
  • Today the Vesak festival is celebrated  in the Birth, Enlightenment and Passing away of the Gautama Buddha

May all beings be happy!