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Building a Stable Life After a Tough Childhood – Robert Lloyd as an Author

More than two decades of harsh beatings, childhood sexual and emotional abuse, spending time in a troubled family and then falling victim to terminal cancer. Not many people in the world can survive in a situation like this. A life that the majority of the people in the world cannot even imagine living; there is one man who did not only experience all these challenges but also survived through it. That man is the 65-year-old, Robert Lloyd Sherriff.

Many people experience a challenging childhood, but not all can survive it. For some kids, things get unbearable, and they give up, and their mind gets bombarded with self-harm and suicidal thoughts. While some children live out the phase and choose the path of healing, some children lose hope and choose to end it all, suicide.

Experiencing a traumatic childhood and surviving through it takes a lot of courage, and only a few people can overcome their psychological state and return to life. Robert Lloyd Sherriff, born on 8th July 1954 in Victoria, is a child abuse victim and a patient of terminal cancer.

He is one of those kids who experience traumatic childhoods, yet strive to make their lives better. Today, Robert is no more the man who suffered child abuse; he is a singer, poet, actor, and a self-published author.

Robert Sherriff Lloyd as a Self-Published Author

Robert Sherriff Lloyd is one of those individuals who use their experiences to make the world a better place for others. At the age of seven, not only was he a subject of physical abuse but also sexual abuse. His young mind was not ready to accept the cruelties of the world, but bad luck caught him off guard. First at the hand of his fathers and then at the Glandore Boys’ Home in Adelaide.

His life is full of struggles, but instead of letting the adversities get the best of him, he stood up to fight back. After leaving Glandore Boys’ Home, he began trying his luck as an actor. He was cast in Time of Zoe in 2016 an then in Zoe – A Zombie Short in 2017. He was also a part of the drama series’ cast, Stateless.

The biggest achievement for Robert is his four self-published books. His experiences persuaded him to voice out his story to help the fellow survivors and victims lead a better life. He has self-published four books; Nobody’s Home, Dirkbell, The Inner Sanctuary of My Mind, and My God, How Great Thou Art.

Nobody’s Home

Robert self-published his first book, “Nobody’s Home,” on August 7th, 2018. His first book is all about his tough childhood, his early life, and the experiences he went through. Sharing a life full of adversities is not an easy job, especially if it includes traumatic incidents such as childhood sexual and physical abuse. Robert remembers every moment of his childhood in detail and the readers can find the grave details about his challenging childhood.

He uses his book to put light upon the ugly side of the society where young children are treated as commodities, and the law turns a blind eye towards it. Robert does not want other children to become prey to this unimaginable evil. He talks about how childhood sexual and physical abuse forces kids to experience shame, guilt, depression, and grief.

These are the emotions that even adults cannot handle, but evil pushes young minds into the puzzling world of strong emotions. Nobody’s Home is Robert’s attempt to direct the attention of the world towards a concerning matter.


The second book that Robert self-published on 3 September 2018 is Dirkbell. The story is about a squirrel that lives on a huge oak tree with his family. He has two twin babies and a wife. They are friends with the bakers at the bottom of the tree. The friendly neighborhood begins to break apart when a brown terrier, Cooper, scares off everyone.

Dirkbell takes the lead to teach Cooper the right ways to live in a friendly manner. Robert’s book teaches the world a lesson that when a lot of people are suffering from the same thing, one victim has to take the lead and make things right. The way Robert chose to fight for his fellow survivors through his words, he wants all others to start speaking for the weak.

All his books are a way to instill change in society by helping the victims of child abuse get the courage to speak up for themselves. Moreover, these books can also help the sufferers start their healing journey. Good medical assistance and his faith in God is what let him choose the path of healing and he wants the same for all his fellow survivors.

Life of Robert Lloyd – A Hell on Earth

Born to Robert Lloyd Sherriff an employee of Royal Australian Air Force Inc., with substance abuse disorder, and Mary Janet Jackson Sherriff, a prostitute, Robert Lloyd Sherriff had to live a very difficult life. He and his twin brother were premature babies, each of them weighing only two pounds. Since the very beginning, Robert, along with his twin brother, were victims of physical abuse by their father.

The young minds also witnessed their father beating and raping their mother. At the age of seven, the beatings by his father got harsher, and one day, he was beaten with so much cruelty that it broke his arm and four of his ribs. After the severe accident, he became a ward of the Australian government, where he fell victim to the greater evil. He experienced physical and sexual abuse daily.

Robert Overcoming his Trauma

It was in the year 2008 that he finally began the process of healing. He did, for a while, sought refuge in self-blame, self-harm, and self-mutilation, but it did not last long. He took up medical assistance and tried to improve his life. Robert tried his luck in acting in both movies and TV.

Also, he has self-recorded some songs. He was diagnosed with terminal mouth cancer and his time on earth is brief, according to the doctors. However, Robert’s loving family and his faith in God is helping him live a stable life. Today, he lives with his loving wife Carol. He has a big family, with six children, ten grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Despite being a victim of intense adversities, Robert was able to pursue acting and singing. Further, he brought his life experiences into use, picked up his pen, and began writing to fight against the greatest forms of evil, child abuse. Robert Lloyd sets an example of how, even after undergoing the toughest life challenges, one can take the lead and build a stable life for themselves.