Bulk flash drives – a small step to save big money

The Introduction

When you talk about essentials, in today’s day and age, the list is hardly a short one. But, one item that ranks high on the list is a USB. 

If you take a good look around, you will see that there is a USB to be found in almost every backpack, purse and briefcase.

So, what is a USB?

A USB, also known as, Universal Serial Bus is a storage device that preserves large amounts of data in the form of flash memory, with a combined USB interface.

Benefits of the USB

Effective storage device

The data stored in a USB can be erased with a simple click as it runs on EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory).  

It stores huge amounts of data, retains data even when not in use, and the data can be erased several times. 

Innovative design

Moreover, it’s quite a sturdy device and very compact. Also, it is very much immune to electromagnetic emissions from electrical devices and even scratches.

New in-built encryption software

Now, USBs come with inbuilt protection software, safeguarding the content from theft.

Given their popularity, it only makes sense that people, as well as organizations, consider buying these amazing gadgets in bulk.

Aspects to consider when buying flash drives in bulk

Reduced prices

It is a universal fact that bulk buying reduces the price per item. This means that the bigger the volume of the purchase, the lower the prices will be. Hence, organizations look into buying flash drives in bulk.


Buying in bulk allows organizations to demand customization. Since USBs are now available in every color, presenting a variety of themes as well as logos, businesses can ask for a USB design to fit their purpose.

Varying data transfer speed

There are USBs available with varying data transfer speeds. The USB 2.0 is slower than the USB 3.0. Hence, you can choose according to your needs and not have to be concerned that the USB is underutilized.

Aftersales services provided

If an organization is buying flash drives in bulk, then it can very well demand decent after-sales service. Any glitch that may be found in the USB would mean that the order would be rescinded. 

Multi-purpose usage

USBs are used as a marketing tool when presented to prospective clients. On the other hand, is also works as an advertising gimmick when gifted at seminars or conferences.

Recently, companies provide employees with USBs, to keep secure sensitive data.

In fact, USBs now serve the purpose of photo albums. Digital photography has made it possible to save thousands of pictures as well as videos of special occasions. This has made it possible for organizations to use USBs as memorabilia to provide employees with tokens of consideration and care.

The conclusion

It is, of course, to wise to give any decision proper consideration.

However, it seems like a smart investment to buy these rather indispensable gadgets in bulk to save up on resources. Hopefully, the insights given will help you make the right choice.