Monday, September 26 , 2022

Buying a Travel Bag : Check List

Travel bags are the sole material a travelers is relying on. imagine  a faulty bag and all your luggage getting out of it. you have to be very picky while buying  travel bag and you need to buy three bags at least for a single trip.

However, your trip duration and purpose might effect this limit but at least three types of travel bags are must.   You are ought to buy after  a great deal of need analysis. I think that every one of us has to travel once in a life time so your need analysis would tell you to buy.

You can buy a number of travel bags depending upon your need. There are a lot of bags but you must buy the best travel purses, compact bags and suitcases. Now your luggage and its type will also effect your choice. You might be travelling with only dresses then it can be a single bag with a single handle to put your cloths. It can be of a cloth like material.

Your age and travelling time can also effect your choice, how if you are  a teenager you might pick any kind of bag but if you are above 50 then you have to look for your bone aches as well.


Before you go for any bag make sure that its is made up of a very reliable material. Some times having a bag with cloth material is preferable if your only luggage will be your dresses and nothing delicate.

If you are travelling by bus then having a suit case would be a better option but again the plastic should be   thick and unbreakable. Secondly, it ought to be waterproof. Your luggage must not get wet at any cost.


Light weight material and bags are the best. You might need to travel by foot and that is when you will be blessing me with your thanks on this suggestion.

Sometimes we assume that heavy material is because of reliability. it is not always the case. Most of the time heavy bags are with weak material. Moreover a light weight bag can save you from losing energy. When you will reach your destination you would be fresh and would be able to feel every inch of the beautiful views.

Select a Compact Bag

Compact travel bags are used for placing anywhere in the cabin. That is why you must opt for them. you can place them anywhere you want when not In use they can be placed under the bed or inside a big bag as well. Thy will not occupy more space. That is why travelers specially the frequent ones must buy a compact bag as well.


When to buy a suitcase make sure that it has got some smooth and greased wheels as well. You will be carrying it along the roads and path ways that is why smooth and big wheels are a prerequisites.

Quality is a priority

If you go to a shop for buying travel bags and the shopkeeper offers you a big bag with poor material and less number of pockets. On the other hand an expensive bag but small in size. Then it is advisable to buy a small and expensive bag than the big and cheap  bag.

Most probably that big bag with poor material can break within two to three months. While the small bag would be with you for a 50 or more trips.

More side pockets

While travelling you have to take along a lot of accessories and small tools along with you such as shaving tools etc. that is why your travel partner must have space and holders for placing the accessories.


Now if you have got the gist of the compulsory features for buying a travel bag, you can go out and buy your favorite colored bags the only thing to look for is your need if you can not travel with suitcase and compact bags are best for you then never buy suit cases just because they are trending. Lastly, only a happy, safe journey is the best type whether you are going for a day or two. Your safety must never be compromised nor of your luggage.