Friday, May 27 , 2022

THE BYSTANDER EFFECT – The Appalling Truth

This is an interesting look at the Bystander Effect. Maybe its how this generation is or maybe we were the same throughout. Maybe the time that would have taken to have a look at this man and to speak to him was a waste for these people who passed him without a glare.

An expert for me had to say this. “The quickest help received was when others saw t he man fall in dramatic fashion. The slowest, when he just sat on the ground. If you want to see the bystander effect in real action, get rid of the crutches. Have male and female test subjects. Have them each simply lay on the ground as if they are unconscious. In a crowded scene, it will be at least 20 minutes for the man to receive assistance, and the woman – about 5 minutes”

Do men help women faster? What is your take? What would you do if you see someone suffering?