Woman lying in tent with a view of mountain and valley in Iceland

Camping Tips for Adventurous Travelers

In this busy life where there is a lot of commotion and hustle and bustle, it’s a blessing to be an adventure freak. A person should not just indulge in an adventure as his leisure work, but more of it should become a way of life.

Adventures not only edify the mind, but it also uplifts the physical health of a person, whether one is going for an adventure to the mountain, by climbing the rocky steps or maybe going on a trek in the deep jungle where the sound of even fallen dry leaves gives goosebumps.

Camping is the most vital part of any adventure, wherever one goes for an adventure, they need to know the detailed nooks and hooks of camping, and the obvious do’s and don’ts. This camping and outdoors blog will give you invaluable tips for your next camping trip.

1)  Keep a checklist for choosing the right gears:

The right gear for camping can be anything and everything ranging from the proper tents like backpacker tents, food, utensils and even toilet paper, in case your campsite doesn’t have proper toilet facilities.

To facilitate and carry all these essential items, one should make a checklist for the camping materials. Even the smallest of things, like pins for hanging wet clothes, also become very important, and above all these, one must have the route map ready in case of hiking to a remote place.

2)  Medical preparations are always necessary:

Camping without having a first aid kit is a big foolishness. In the absence of a doctor, medical issues can be well handled only if one is properly equipped with emergency medical supplies.

Medical supplies, like allergy medications, pain relievers, gauze, bandages, tweezers, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, small scissors, tape, etc. are some of the very important and necessary medical supplies which can be needed during emergencies.

3)  Know the basic skills of camping:

Even after taking the necessary precautions, one should be well familiar with the basics of camping, like putting up a tent, hanging a hammock, lighting a fire, etc. These camping prerequisites will not only save your time while setting up the camp but it also will protect you from the attacks of the wild animals.

4)  Be open to food preferences:

Try not to limit the variety of food as it will end up creating a problem, as there is no guarantee of what particular food items you will get in the campsite. Even if you get any food, do not have them instantly because they can be harmful and toxic, which may cause allergies. Thus, it’s better to refrain from having unknown fruits or vegetables.

5)  Take care of your smartphone:

Camping and going for an adventure is all about discovering yourself rather than sticking to your phone, but it is still very much important to carry a smartphone as it serves as a compass, camera, and it can even predict the weather of the camping destination.

Thus, keep the smartphone in a waterproof mobile case, having a strong glass cover and handle the phone with care to prevent it from getting damaged anyhow.

6)  Keep Nature clean:

Be eco-friendly. It is Mother Nature, where a person spends days to rejuvenate oneself, so in return, do your part by minimizing the eco-footprint. Carry the trash away with yourself, instead of dumping them at the campsite.

Also, if it is necessary, one can pack an extra trash bag so that the campsite doesn’t get littered and dirty.


You can always be in your best version while you go for camping. Adventure should always be alive in one’s spirit. Hope the above-said camping tips will help you in your upcoming trips.