Sunday, September 25 , 2022

Canada Study Visa – Learn The Entire Visa Applying Process

Every other foreign student who is about to pursue their higher studies in Canada must obtain a study visa in the first place. A student must first meet up with every other requirement that comes under the Canadian Immigration Act and its Regulations. Usually, it takes about four to six weeks to approve your visa if you have submitted them through Canada study visa consultants.

Following is a step by step process that you need to read through to get a Canada study visa.

Apply For Admission Under A College Or University In Canada:

The first thing a student who has been planning to pursue their higher studies in Canada must obtain an offer letter (approval of admission) from an accredited education institute or college. Many different universities are hosting great infrastructure and education curriculum available in Canada, and you can easily approach and apply under their wide range of programs by visiting their official web portal. All you need to find is the right education provider who is known for providing valuable courses along with a loan option for eligible students. You can easily determine the proficiency levels of an educational institution by collecting data related to their ranking, program fee, program structure, quality of education and other kinds of facilities that are made available for international students.

After sorting out the best university in Canada, you need to apply for admission by submitting valid documents that include academic qualification proof, passport copy, and other details that are entitled along with the admission form. You need to wait for about two weeks to receive back an offer letter from the university.

Paying The Tuition Fee:

Once your admission has been confirmed by the university located in Canada, the offer letter shall be sent over in e-mail denoting the same. The letter will also represent the tuition fees that you need to pay to start with the next process, which is applying for a student visa. The payment can be made through International Wire Transfer.

Once the tuition fee reaches the respective institution, you will be provided with a receipt. This receipt must be used further to apply for study visa Canada.

Purchasing A Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC):

Every other student who has been selected by the Canadian based university must buy a GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) from a renowned bank in India. The GIC holds onto about ten thousand US dollars and shall be used for adjusting the living expenses of the student during their first year of the course period. The bank has the authority to deduct about two hundred US dollars as their administrative charges and hand over about two thousand US dollars to the student after they arrive in Canada. The remaining eight thousand US dollars shall be paid in twelve equal installments considering the monthly living expense of the student.

Lodging A Canada Study Visa:

To file your visa application with the Indian Embassy and the Canadian Embassy, you need to submit below-mentioned documents:
• Visa Application form
• Family Information form
• Original passport
• Offer letter from an educational institution in Canada
• English proficiency test proof
• Representative form
• Paid tuition fees receipt
• Academic documents
• Student Questionnaire
• GIC purchase evidence
• Medical examination certificate.

The Need To Visit Canada Study Visa Consultants:

Get in touch with Canada study visa consultants, who shall help in finding the right education service provider and the relevant course you are looking forward to studying in Canada. They shall take complete responsibility in picking the right college and help in filling up the admission form wisely as well. The consultants shall be in direct touch with the educational institution to confirm your admission and then further let you pay the first tuition fees to obtain the Canada student visa at the earliest time as possible. Any kind of queries you have related to applying for a study visa in Canada can be cleared by finding a renowned visa consultant from the crowd.