Thursday, October 6 , 2022

Capricorns: The Sign Of The Old Soul


Capricorn is a determined goat (/fish). Sometimes perceived as workaholics, detached, or without emotion, behind the exterior is a humble, practical and ambitious person. As such, they are natural managers, with great leadership and organizational skills, and a natural sense of responsibility.

At times, their tendency toward suspicion, stubbornness and resentment can get the best of them, and reflect negatively upon them, but deep down they are humble; soft on the inside with a notable shell, which is intended to guard themselves against the hurt that life can bring.

The mountain goat aspect of this personality type appreciates the long, hard climb and has a deep respect for the process. If a lucky break happens, or an easier way presents itself, Capricorn will often discount this as an unnecessary or even harmful shortcut. The sea-goat aspect likes rules and order, never going against the current.

What is less-often said about the Capricorn that they are old souls. Indeed, many born under Capricorn seem like they come into the world old, as if they expect hardship or are carrying baggage from a previous life. One can often observe the seriousness and worry on the face of a Capricorn child as their friends undertake the natural risky behavior of childhood.

The positive side of this is a naturally imparted knowledge and wisdom. Many hard lessons that others must learn throughout the course of their young lives are avoided by the Capricorn. What’s more is that as the Capricorn ages, they tend to take on a lightness, ease of being and love of fun.

While nothing comes easy to the Capricorn in this life, they tend to come out on top due to their wise and hardworking nature. One who aspires to have close personal ties with this sign must be prepared to take on some of the load that they naturally carry.

But it will work out for the lover of a Capricorn, as they will be awarded with a stalwart, unwavering ally.

Tis the season of the Capricorn. Make sure you take some time and wish your Capricorn friends and lovers a very happy birthday. They deserve it!

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