Care for your mattress

Searching for a new mattress for your bed? You don’t panic anymore! You can take these easy steps to put yourself in a position for success – and potentially a better night’s rest – especially with so many Cyber Monday mattress deals around the corner.

The fact that you spend 1/3 of your life on your mattress means that replacing or repairing your mattress once in a while is crucial.

Not to mention the direct impact of a mattress on your daily lives and your mood. All you need for an energetic and active morning is solid night’s sleep.

Each of us deserves a good night’s quiet time. However, here is the thing — not all of us get it. It’s crucial to our general health. Forty-five percent of Americans claim that inadequate sleep affects their everyday routines, according to research undertaken by the National Sleep Foundation. Besides, 67% of those surveyed said their health had been impacted by their quality of sleep. While your rest may be exposed to many other variables, it might be your mattress which is to blame.

Studies show that we should substitute our mattress every 7-8 years, but is that the case? Not everyone can afford to purchase a fresh mattress in a span of eight years, and we’re happy to maintain it a little longer with us.

There is no particular set of rules that we need to follow when it comes to the mattress’ lifespan as it tends to vary according to the type of mattress, its quality and how you care for it. Which leaves us with the real question, “How often are you to change your mattress?” To answer that, we need to be able to understand the type of mattress which will be best suited for our sleep. The factors that make a right mattress is first and foremost it’s kind, whether it’s an innerspring, memory foam, latex, hybrid or a waterbed all of these mattresses have varying characteristics and lifespans.

There are even ways in which we can make our mattresses last longer with us. A quick cleaning once a week, flipping your mattress every couple of months, installing a mattress pad, keeping it in natural light, maintaining a clean mattress and bedding, and avoiding pets on the bed are some easy ways of making your mattress lasts as long as possible.

In the end, no matter how much care you give your mattress, or how many precautions you take, a mattress will inevitably deteriorate with time and succumb to wear and tear, in such cases, you should consider purchasing a new mattress.

Whenever it comes to finding your new mattress, size is everything. Likewise King Size bed dimensions in inches are 6 inches wide by around 80 inches in length – around 16 inches more extensive than a queen mattress. As there are many options that never seem to finish and can leave you completely confused and bewildered. However, we’ve done the hard work for you, and listed the different types of mattresses to choose your correct fit from so that you can have a good night’s sleep knowing that you have made a smart purchase.

There’s a whole range of selections curated just for you, the Single, Small Double, Double, Super King and the  Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King. All of them vary in sizes, from suitable for a child or a single person to a couple’s bedrest which is more than spacious enough for two.

The most frequently purchased is the king-sized bed and mattress combo but, there is no “best,” when it’s about choosing the perfect mattress, the best can only be subjective from your perspective and requirements. Be aware of how large your bedroom is, how far you need to walk around the bed, how much furniture in the room, the room you need for sleep as well as your preferred sleeping position. You should even consider the fact if you are single or share a bedroom with a partner and pet. While you need enough room, sleeping on a comfortable, supportive mattress is the most significant consideration for your rest.