Monday, September 26 , 2022

How To Excel In CAT 2019 Examination?

Have you prepared well for the CAT 2019 examination? The answer to this question can be yes and no too. At this point in time, you need tips for the examination. In the past 1 year, you might have grabbed innumerable pdfs, question banks, and relevant articles.

Now, it’s the time where you just have to give a final touch to your preparation. Yes, now you should grab some tips and prepare accordingly. It is always advised that students should not study any complex topic in the final weeks. Therefore we know that you have studied whole nights and consumed coffee more than water. Here are the top things which you should know to crack the CAT 2019 examination.

1. Be Physically And Mentally Strong

Rejuvenating your mind is genuinely important before the CAT examination. Physical and mental stress can ruin your examination. Therefore it is always suggested to eat fresh and healthy fruits. Apart from that, spend quality time with your family and friends. It is always advised to sleep well during the final weeks. You have already prepared well and consistently working hard for more than 7 to 8 months.

2. Be Positive

We all say that we should be positive on the examination day. But the real fact is that our words are positive, but the mind is in a different state. Whenever you are starting your day and going for an examination, always take a deep breath. Don’t think about the clutter, which is in your mind. If you tend to get hyper, you’ll surely not clear the examination. Try different relaxation methods such as yoga and meditation. Stay away from all the stressful issues. You can even listen to music to relax your mind.

3. Analyze Your Mock Test Reports

At this point in time, you should never think to attempt any mock test. Apart from that, analyze the reports of every mock test. See where you made mistakes even after you know the solution to that problem. You can mark the repeated questions which can also appear in the main examination. Understand all your strong and weak areas through the mock test reports. After analyzing all the reports, keep a clear picture in the mind of Dos and Don’ts on the examination day.

4. Shortcuts Improve Your Accuracy

If you want to crack CAT 2019; you should know some quick shortcuts. It’s not the time when you start learning these shortcuts. You have to memorize all such tricks on the examination day. You’ll need such tricks to solve all the complicated questions. I have put this point after analyzing reports because you can even grab all the small to big shortcuts from your mock tests. Remember such tricks increases your efficiency and accuracy on the examination day.

5. Find Your Weaker Parts

Now, it’s time to know all your weaker parts. We all remember our strong areas in the mind while attempting mock tests and question banks. But we forget the weaker parts. You don’t have to focus much on stronger areas because you have prepared well in the past few months. But weaker parts can ruin your examination. Sometimes the presence of mind doesn’t work while attempting questions. Never try to attempt any weaker part on the examination because it will consume both time and effort.

6. Stay Motivated For The Examination

You have to keep yourself motivated even if you haven’t prepared well for the examination. You don’t have to read inspirational stories, but you’ll have to change your state of mind. Keep a clear picture of all your plans for the examination day. You don’t have to just dream, execute all your plans at the right time. Motivation will be your best friend on the examination day.
Best Of Luck For 2019!