Saturday, October 16 , 2021

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Celebrating the Polish National Independence Day as an expat

November 11 marks the momentous occasion when Poland won complete independence and became a sovereign nation. On the National Independence Day many native Poles hoist flags outside their homes and spill into the streets...

What are the Advantages of Satellite Imagery and Aerial Photography

Aerial photography and satellite imagery both are the digital ways of collecting images of the lands and areas of the earth. The aerial photography can be done with the help of aircrafts, balloons, or...

How To Stand Out As A 3D Modeler

Many young people are joining 3D modeling due to the high demand for 3D artists. Since 3D modeling is quite wide, many people do not struggle to find jobs. Though this is an industry...

Instagram Photo Book: 3 Ways to Transform Your Photos Into a Memorable Keepsake

Photographs are powerful. They're one of the best ways to capture your memories that can last a lifetime. However, with the prevalence of social media apps like Instagram, it seems you have more digital...

Celebrating The Life Of Claude Monet

Perhaps you know children sabotaging the study or who could be truant at school? Now imagine that an avid truant, a merry fellow, and a loafer became a world-famous artist. Yes, and this is...

An Easy Guide To Bali Wedding

Your wedding is around the corner, and you have settled to hold it in Bali. Having a wedding in Bali is awesome, and you will have a lifetime memory of the day. You don't...

Minecraft Generation: Popular Film Character Skins In Minecraft

It is without a doubt that acquiring Minecraft skins in the game is a very popular mod that players want to have. Once you have already downloaded these skins, your avatar is able to...

Top 7 Unique Good Morning Gift Ideas for Special Person in your Life

We all have special persons in life that we hold closer to the heart. Especially, this person is our significant other with whom we go to sleep in the morning and wake up in...

What is a Palm Reading?

Do you want to know what the future holds? Everyone is curious about what may happen to them in the future. Perhaps they want to know if they will live to an old age...
Netflix and Chill

Netflix and Chill Can Actually be Your Most Productive Time

Who doesn’t love Netflix? With all the shows at your disposal, you probably wish you had more time to just chill and binge-watch. Being an adult sadly means you have to get your tasks...


Manufacturing a package seems to be tedious some times and unnecessary at other times. However, those who aim to maximize their product value and profit know that this headache is worth it in the...

Saving Money on the Wedding to Spend More on Honeymoon

You must have heard the phrase ‘You only get married once’ while that is true but most people tend to take this too seriously and end up inflating the budget of their wedding to...


Art in The Workplace

The Impact of Art in The Workplace

Some people may view workplace art design as a luxury only large corporations would contemplate. And unfortunately, the impact of art in the workplace...

Top 5 Telugu Movies