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7 Best Cures when you are Homesick When Studying Abroad

Instead of grabbing the tissues, grab these helpful tips when you’re missing home Like the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end”. This includes the rush and excitement of moving away from...

5 Questions You Didn’t Know You Should Ask Your College Tour Guide

The college application process can be tedious, overwhelming and even confusing. In an ideal situation, like those in the movies, you’d have a dream college that you had your heart set on since before...

How to Pass any Exams so easily with Past Questions?

Do you know that you can pass any exams with the help of past questions? From the experiences of marking thousands of exam papers, and sitting rather more than I care to remember, I've...

Advantages of appearing for the GMAT examination and the benefits of GMAT coaching

GMAT is an online examination that is mainly conducted to find out as to whether a student is capable of pursuing MBA or any other post graduate courses. It is your score in this...

How to Manage Study-related Stress?

There have been several studies in recent years looking into the mental health of students. Last September, one of the leading healthcare organizations published the results of a massive survey it’d conducted. According to it,...

Guide to Last Minute Essay Writing

Your professor assigned the task of writing paper way back. You knew about this. You even marked the deadline in your Google Calendar and you planned to start writing. But life happened somewhere in between....


The first day of school never loses its charm. Whether you like it or not, this day is surrounded by the start of something new and instead of it just being about your classes—it’s suitcase-packed...

How to Beat College Exam Anxiety: A Guide to Giving Stress-Free Tests

Let’s face it; we’ve all faced test anxiety. Whether it was just a class test in school, your finals, or the SATs, it’s very common to feel stressed out because of your exams. And...

Courses reviewed for study prep for the NBCOT® Exam

Occupational therapist candidates are all getting ready for the upcoming national board examination. Passing this examination is a turning point to every candidate, not only because they can now have their certificate and license,...

Exams Stress- What Is It And How Can I Manage It?

Exam time is full of stress and confusion that most students lose track of things around them. Although a little stress is fine, since it motivates and gets you to follow the planned schedule....

GRE: important aspects to know about the exam

For ones who are looking to make an inordinate career and determined to study abroad, then GRE is the right choice. The one and only solution for lower unemployment rates and enhanced earnings is...



Teaching English in China: Shanghai vs Hong Kong

Teaching English in Shanghai or Hong Kong is one of the best ways to live and experience Asia. Both of these cosmopolitan cities offer...