CBD oil
CBD oil

Everything About the Side Effects of CBD Oil

Cannabis is also known as Marijuana, Hemp, and many more names. They all are in the same family called Cannabaceae. CBD (Cannabidiol) is a chemical generated from Cannabis alongside THC.

CBD oil
CBD oil

There are more than 80 other specific chemicals.

CBD oil is extracted from cannabis plants using various procedures. Many people are using CBD oil for its beneficial effects on different health conditions. However, there is always a chance for side effects when you use physiological body-changing health supplements. Unfortunately, when it comes to CBD, the answer is yes, it has. We can divide its side effects into two main categories; Short-term and Long-term. Let’s find out more about those two with details.

Short-Term Side Effects of CBD

Short-term side effects only occur when CBD remains in the body. It means, most of the time, the symptoms will start to vanish after CBD wears off from the body. In other words, the short-term side effects may happen just after CBD takes effect. There is a potential that can last from 2 or 3 minutes to a few hours. Sometimes, they’ll run for a day or two. 

The below list includes the most reported short-term side effects of CBD.

  1. Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension)
  2. Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)
  3. Loss of Appetite
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Fatigue
  6. Skin Rash
  7. Nausea & Vomiting
  8. LightHeadedness

Long-Term Side Effects of CBD

These only happen as a result of your regular usage. According to several health reports, people who suffer from long-term side effects of CBD are more likely to be addicted to drugs. Some of them are already addicted to things like smoking and vaping. Especially, combining CBD oil with pharmaceutical medications can cause long-term side effects. But, there are few long-term side effects reported from CBD. 

The below list includes long-term side effects of CBD.

  1. Signs of Liver Injury
  2. Low Immunity
  3. Changes in Weight
  4. Drowsiness & Tiredness

                What Causes the Side Effects of CBD?

CBD oil contains its chemicals. When you use CBD, it interacts with your receptors in the body. The receptors can control organ functions. Eventually, the result of the interaction gives you both benefits and side effects. You can’t control it as it happens automatically from your body.

But more things cause side effects. Therefore, you should be concerned about all of them. They are,

Excessive Use 

Using high doses of CBD oil is a massive concern that we’re facing right now. Many people don’t know how to use CBD oil with control. Others don’t care about it at all. 

Interactions With Other Medications

Other medications don’t often interact with CBD. But sometimes, CBD helps other drugs to become stronger or weaker than expected within the interaction period and after. It could lead to side effects. 

Other Health Problems

CBD has a good record of using it for various diseases like cancer, arthritis, epilepsy, and more. Sometimes, it may go in the wrong direction. Some people have aggravated their health disorders by using CBD. It always happens according to the various types of internal structures of the body. 


Just like other drugs, allergies can happen with CBD oil. It drives to side effects such as swelling, loss of consciousness, skin rashes, elevated blood pressure, and other usual effects of allergies. 

Low-Quality Products

When it comes to the extracting process of CBD oil, there’s a chance that they can contaminate from cultivation to manufacture. Mostly, this happens in cheap hemp cultivated places full of soil contamination. As a result of these things, the final product may contain harmful compounds. And it causes side effects like skin rashes, confusion & memory loss, vision loss, and headaches.

     How Could I Overcome the Side Effects of CBD?

Don’t be too afraid after knowing all the side effects of CBD. You can get rid of it all at home despite some of the long-term side effects. But they also can be passed through some medical treatments. Here are the things you should do at home.

  1. Drink more water, fruity juices, and chew gum (For Dry Mouth)
  2. Take CBD oil with meals (For Poor Appetite)
  3. Take CBD alongside caffeine (For Fatigue)
  4. Lie down for a while (For LightHeadedness)
  5. Limit the dose of CBD oil 

You can reduce other effects from taking medications under a proper guideline from your doctor.

                               Is CBD Oil Safe for Me?

Everything affects different people in different ways. Therefore, CBD oil also should be avoided from the people who belong to the below categories. 

  1. People Trying to Conceive a Child
  2. Pregnant or Breastfeeding Mothers
  3. People with Liver Disorders
  4. People suffering from Low Blood Pressure 

Those four are the main categories. Furthermore, don’t use (or be careful when using) CBD oil if you’ve allergies to cannabis products. And always take instructions from your doctor before taking CBD oil if you’re using other drugs and medications.

Almost all of the above side effects of CBD oil wear off with time. Keeping the best practices such as drinking more water, take CBD oil with food will always reduce those side effects. Especially, please use CBD oil with a proper limitation. And take care of your health before everything else.