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Tips To Choose A Suitable Charger For Your Mobile Phone

Most of the pin packed phones come with a USB charger inside however maintenance of your phone’s charger is important or else you will have to end up buying chargers time and again. If you fall into the latter category, make sure you make the right choice. Mobile phones are not cheap these days it is like an investment that you make just like the Samsung A50 price in Pakistan which is around 50k, therefore opting for the right charger is crucial for your phone’s battery. Even if you are not a technology person, a few basics will help you in the long run. Before we jump to the tips it is important to understand that you should have some knowledge about the amperes and current which your charger will use. Current is written as I and Ampere are written as A. You can see it on your charger box as Ma which stands for mili amperes.

Fast Charger:

I’m sure you have heard the term ‘’Fast charger’’ before, these chargers provide you with ample battery within half an hour. Fast chargers have high amperage meaning that the output current is large. Even if the charger you opt for has a high amperage value than your phone it will automatically adjust the current according to your phone’s battery. If you are the kind of person who is always in a hurry the best charger would be a fast one.

Charger Outputs:

This can be similar to the previous fast charger but instead of having a single output, this one has multiple outputs which lets you charge more than one device at a time. You can charge your phone, tablet and music player all on one charging port. This will definitely save space and effort too. Of course, the voltage would be higher to enable it to charge multiple devices and not burn itself or the device. A good charger with multiple outputs may cost a few extra rupees but will cost you as compared to the Samsung A50 price in Pakistan.

High Quality Components And Materials:

Make sure that the money you spend on your charger doesn’t go to waste, Therefore, choose a charger built with good materials, for example, some of the cheap chargers don’t have any insulating materials. That’s why check the durability of the material and insulation. Ask the salesman and if not that, read the materials mentioned on the box yourself. High-quality chargers can detect when your phone is fully charged and stop the output voltage, unlike the cheap ones. That is why problems in battery arise early than usual.

Compact Design:

A very common problem reported for phone chargers is their design. A lot of times the charger’s design is such that it doesn’t fit in every socket making you spend extra money to buy those extensions as well. Therefore, before you buy it to make sure that it is portable and easily held too. This will provide a friendly user response as well. You can judge the design of the charger on the basis of the ampere units mentioned on the charger as well, cheap chargers have the units Ma (milliamperes) capitalized which is horrendous and gives away while some won’t even have a manufacturer name on it.

Check Your Phone’s Battery Capacity:

Even though the fast chargers do have the ability to adjust the charger’s current according to your battery, keep in check your phone’s battery capacity and then by the charger accordingly. Once you are sure of your phone’s capacity, you can look for a charger with a minimum capacity greater than that of your phone’s. If you bought your phone recently, and if it’s the new Samsung A50 keep in mind the price of the Samsung A50 in Pakistan you can easily read about the battery capacity on the box or even online.

Extra Features:

Some chargers come with some new extra features which make their use convenient and rather professional. For example, some chargers come with the wireless option. They come with some features specific to your device so if your device enables these features you might as well spend some extra money on that. It may provide you with a free hand of controlling the amperage giving you the liberty of using the charger on other devices as well who might have a less charging capacity than your phone or maybe more. This way you don’t have to buy multiple chargers for all the devices present on your phone. It will save you from the messy looking wires too!

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