Saturday, May 28 , 2022

Clear Out Your Sinuses Using Only Your Fingers In A Matter Of Seconds

Having sinus problems can be an extreme drag. Very annoying and even painful as pressure builds in your head, while your nose continually runs. Add in a sore throat and fever, and it can be very miserable.

Naturally we fish around in our cabinets for whatever nasal spray, syrup, or pill we can find. But next time sinus problems come on, try one of these methods first.

Technique A: Apply Pressure On Your Eyebrows

This is an easy technique that is definitely worth a try. Just apply pressure equally and incrementally across the eyebrows. You do this by putting your fingers at the start point of each brow, then tilt face forward, resting your head in hands. Your elbows should be on a flat surface when you do this.

Then when you feel sinus pressure shift, go to the middle part of brows and hold here until pressure once again shifts. Then go to the end point of brows and perform circular motions with your fingers. In only seconds you should feel relief from sinus pressure.

Technique B: Try A Mini-Massage

These are great for stuffed up heads, not to mention overall stress relief. Press repeatedly against the round part of the collarbone with your finger firm. This stimulates flow of the mucus which is all stuffed-up. Your ears should even unpop and open up completely after doing this.

Another way is crossing hands in “V” shape, while pumping sides of the neck which stimulates the body into moving lymph fluids, while clearing you of bothersome sinus pressures.

Here’s a video showing a demo.

Technique C: Use Your Tongue, Too

While using a bit of the methods just mentioned, you can now use finger and tongue to clear out backed up sinuses.

Press tongue on the roof of mouth hard, and press finger on skin between eyebrows. Now hold this for a count of 15-20 seconds. The flow of mucus should be stimulated leading to your head feeling much more cleared up.

If it’s not quite there yet you can try alternating from roof of mouth pressing to skin between eyebrows, performing for 10 seconds each, and this should bring more relief.
Check out this video for more info and share all these important sinus-clearing techniques with friends and family!