CNC Router Machine: Making Use of Computer Aided Design

The advanced era we live in nowadays has everything working with the help of computers. Whether, it’s our home doors, our entertainment methods, our conversational methods, our cars, or even our shoes. There’s a computer aided design in everything we see around us, and that’s mainly what adds the ease to it. 

Since the utilization of computers nowadays help a lot in keeping our personal efforts at a minimal and working itself on all that we would have to struggle in. Now when it comes to understanding a popular and well-known computer aided design, one can’t really miss the CNC router machine, right?

 Since it’s a great ease to all the woodworkers, helping them create amazing supplies out of wood with less effort that a hand-held machine would take. However, not many are well-aware of what this amazing computer aided technology is and how it really works. But don’t worry, as we’re here to help you discover it just rightly.

What is a CNC Router Machine?

If we discuss this computer aided designed machine in simple words, it’s simply an easierand smart way to cut materials like aluminum, steel, wood, plastic, foam and composites. However, one can consider a CNC mill to be a substitute to this router machine for cutting different materials. But since it takes extremely less time and efforts to produce various items; it’s definitely a better and smarter option for woodworkers. 

In more detail, this machine utilizes the computer numeric technology to control the tool and function it accordingly. Hence, when you’re using this computer aided designed machine, you are less likely to put your own effort and struggle in producing thing out of hard materials. Instead, the machine itself performs the task you set on its settings, and saving a lot of your time and effort. 

Types of CNC machines:

The automatic working and beautifully designing CNC machines are nothing but a gift to the woodworkers, as it helps them create outstanding pieces. However, when it comes to buying one, there aren’t really many options you can go for, besides the 2 types it comes in. these 2 types include:

  • Simple CNC Router:
    This is the basic CNC machine you can have in any hardware shop. However, these machines are extremely expensive and huge in size. Hence, investing in one of these and managing to adjust them and fit them anywhere – isn’t really an easy job. 

Therefore, when you don’t have to make as many efforts in the work it performs, you’re still in need of going through the struggle of handling this machine rightly. But once you’ve done that, you can really be stress-free and carry on with the remaining task in a hassle-free manner. 

  • Desktop CNC Router:
    these are the downsized machines that perform the same task as the larger and more expensive CNC machines do. Now it might not be as easy to find these as the other one’s are, as not many manufacturers make these desktop CNC routers. But having one of these can really lessen the struggle of managing it or affording it, for most woodworkers. 

However, there’s another drawback here, as these machines can’t help to slice large plywood sheets but rather just perform small cutting tasks. These small tasks can include making drawer handles or door panels or other such products. But in this size and price, it’s certainly another great tool for woodworkers to ease their tasks. 

How does it Work?

The working os this machine is based on some pre-programmed commands. It can be programmed in different languages like Heidenhein, Mazak, as well as G-Code (which is the most common language used to program this machine. Now the working of this machine is mainly dependent upon 3 processes only. The functioning of these 3 steps is explained below. 

  1. The Designing:
    If you don’t have a G-code language in your machine, then the first step would be to design a vector file of the design you want to create.
  2. The Converting:
    After that, the next step would be to convert this design into G-code for further functioning. 
  3. The Running:
    Now finally, the software will run the G-code and turn into a machine that will move around to make the design you created. 

Is it really Helpful?

Living in an advanced and technological era comes with all kinds of benefits; this means that you don’t have to worry about putting your mind and effort in tasks that once consumed all your mind and energy. Now even though there are some drawbacks to living like this, one can’t really ignore the possibilities that these advance technologies provide us with, right? 

Hence, when you can cut out amazing shapes and designs on hard materials like wood, steel, plastic, etc. how can one not seek help from it? Now if you go using the self-operated CNC mill, it might not be as easy and helpful in creating amazing products in the least of time. So when it comes to using it as a woodworker, there’s no way you can’t find this advanced machine helpful. 

Yet, when it comes to purchasing a suitable CNC machine, it’s always harder to make a decision as it comes very costly. Therefore, only if you head towards the trusted sources elephant, you can be sure that you’ve invested in the right machine to make your job easier.