Common Blind Issues That Do Not Require Replacements

Blinds are among the most common types of window treatments that add more aesthetic value to the house. The colours can accentuate the beauty of the room, especially if the sun seeps in through the blinds’ slots. It can also prevent too much sun from entering the house, thus protecting the fixtures that will break due to direct sunlight.

But over time, blinds tend to get worn out. Some homeowners may choose to replace their broken blinds immediately, but it can cause a major dent in their pockets. Blind repair services could help fix the problems. The experts will mend the damaged parts of the blinds to make them look good as new.

Here are some most common blind problems and how the repair services can help solve the issues.

Blind Function Problems 

Functional blinds can be lifted, lowered, tilted, and folded using a dedicated mechanism. If this mechanism does not work, calling blind repair services could be the best idea.

The repairman will do various treatments like untangling the malfunctioning cord lock if the slats are too stiff to drop. Other useful repair methods include replacing the wand tilt if it gets disengaged with the headrail’s tilt mechanism.
Warped Slats 

There are times when the slats of the blinds get warped or get a weird shape due to various reasons. They can get damaged due to too much heat exposure or excessive levels of humidity indoors. If this happens, the blinds will not open or close properly.

While homeowners would think that replacing the blinds could be the easiest solution, they must still consider calling for blind repair services. The experts can replace several damaged slats to fix the problem. It will allow the homeowner to save several hundred dollars from buying a new set of blinds.

Broken Cords

Most types of blinds are at risk of having broken cords from years of wear and tear. However, it does not mean that the blinds are already beyond repair.

To fix this, the experts will remove the blinds from the window and unloop the existing cord. After removing the faulty cable, they will replace it with a new one. Then, they will install the newly repaired window treatment and let the homeowners use it as usual.

Malfunctioning Slats

Blinds, especially the vertical variety, come with rotating slats so the homeowners can adjust the amount of light that passes through the window through rotational movements. If the slats do not rotate, the experts will tinker with the window treatment until they fix it.

The blind repair expert will take the blinds off the window and put it on the floor to inspect the mechanisms. If the problem is in the chain pulley system, they will check if they can still replace the sprocket wheel inside. After the replacement, they can start installing the blinds back to the window and have it used as normal.

Broken blinds are often the result of neglecting to maintain it properly. To avoid busted blinds, homeowners need to keep it clean at all times. Particle build-ups can wear down the slats and cause problems in the mechanisms. Homeowners can also reach out to the experts to have their blinds cleaned regularly to prevent any issues.

The blinds can be both functional and decorative parts of the house. As long as you know how to take care of it properly, you will enjoy all the benefits it can give your home.

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